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Astonishing Taxi Sim 1976 Pro MOD - Game taxi test system will give you how the world was in 1976. You are a cab driver on an old vehicle, you should search for travelers yourself on the grounds that the Internet and portable correspondences are not yet accessible. Make an effort not to defy the guidelines in light of the fact that the city has a police power that maintains control, Have time to precisely time to take travelers to the perfect spot, in the event that you get late for the punishment, a few travelers leave a tip.
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Taxi driving gets more exciting with this all new game. The passengers are waiting, SO HURRY UP!

Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 Pro Mod Apk is one of the best taxi simulators around. As with any game, you’ll need to earn money to unlock more parts and vehicles, buy upgrades that will make you more cash, and pay for more car keys. It’s a bit too easy, though – once you have your first taxi key, you’ll want to unlock all the other ones so that you can afford better cars and get them faster. Below we’ll look at some of the best taxi mod packs for Amazing Taxi Sim 1976.

Taxi FMX is free to download and runs on Windows XP or Vista. However, as it’s developed in Windows, it requires the full version of Windows. However, it’s only one of many great taxi mod packs for Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 and, as such, won’t give you a considerable boost. However, when you install it, you’ll find that it adds some excellent new features. For example, you can now download back-up files so that you can restore your taxi cab instantly if you do crash.

Taxi FMX’s most unique feature is tuning the taxi engines, which are now just a number instead of the usual box style symbols. This allows you to make the cars have different sounds and significantly improves the taxi simulators’ realism. A cool feature is that if you’re playing alone, you can choose different cab colors!

Another excellent mod for Amazing Taxi Sim 1976 is Taxi Select Pro. In this mod, you can now choose from a wide variety of taxes, including Mercedes, Porsches, BMW, etc. This mod gives you a more extensive range of options for hiring cabs, which is especially crucial if you want to have the largest taxi fleet possible.

Taxi Select Pro’s most significant difference is that you can now also customize the interior of your taxi cab! You can even choose your taxi cab (which can be stored in your bank account), the windows tint, and how you paint your cab interior.

Taxi Tycoon II is the same as the original, but now it allows you to play multiple taxi drivers. For example, you can hire a chauffeur who will drive you around while you’re not in the game. Once you have all the different taxi modapacks installed, you can use each vehicle’s driver in the game. This makes it so that there’s always at least one decent driver available, no matter what time of day you play the game.

Taxi Tycoon II’s biggest draw is the ability to learn to pilot your taxi and what’s even better is that you can do this while playing it alone. That means you don’t have to spend hours driving along the road, trying to find a taxi. It also means that you can increase your revenue even more without spending a lot of money.

– Features of Amazing Taxi Sim 1976

– Engaging in driving missions
Smooth and simple controls
– Realistic City visuals
– Realistic Animated Passengers.
– Intelligent Traffic system.
– Virtual currency fine
– No advertisement
– Changeable perspectives

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