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Get prepared for a showdown in Angry Birds Fight!– a match-three frenzy where you take on different players in actual-time battles of strategic, chook swapping agility! Join your favorite flock on a journey to shape heaps of addictive feathery puzzles!
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Get ready for a duel in the Battle of Angry Birds! — A game three madness, you can accept other players in real-time strategy battles, lively bird exchange! Join your favorite flock on a journey to match a large number of addictive feather puzzles!

An excellent game that is a unique way to spend a day and a great way to enjoy a few hours of entertainment with family and friends, Angry Birds is currently available on the PlayStation. In the game, you’re a pig called Peppa Pig, who’s sent on a mission to save her loved ones from hungry pigs. To do this assignment, you must complete objectives by rescuing her three best friends and avoiding falling to the dangerous-looking mines scattered around the game’s levels. To help you finish the assignments and gain points, you need to collect coins that are sprinkled all over the amounts. Each level has three types of currencies, which may be discovered in lots of ways.

The first type of coins you’ll find are those that fall from the trees after you leap onto them. Some are hidden behind rocks. The second type of coins you’ll find are those that float over the clouds, and you will notice that those coins are gloomy. You might also receive a little surprise that you may find these coins during a mission. The third type of coins they’re those you can get from either planting flowers or digging up dirt. These coins can be concealed all over the levels or obtained by defeating a worm in the level.

Every time you complete a mission, you’ll get coins. However, the more coins you have, the faster you move in levels. You can also earn extra coins by completing objective puzzles in each level. As you complete these puzzles, you will unlock a new stage. The more puzzles you finish, the more coins you will get.

Get ready to rumble.

Play in real-time games with friends (and enemies). Combine so many panels against the clock to enhance your bird’s battle! GRRR!


Organize your birds with extravagant weapons and dubious armor, giving them more health, aggressiveness, and some special skills to provide you with the edge. This is the battle or the flight!

Navigation and fight

Explore the unknown island full of challengers, then knock them down in one game! Win to unlock more birds, weapons, and other items. Watch out for the pig monster…

Challenge other players from around the world in a real-time match three puzzle

Fight birds by pairing faster and better than your opponents

Match 4 Activate Special Power, Match 5 Start Rush Hour!

Win battles to earn XP, earn items, and customize your flock and ship.

Accessories for different things to increase health, attack and increase skills

Earn birds in the fight to buy more weapons and accessories in the store

Play Lucky Slots to unlock more items – continue, spin it!

What’s New:

We have addressed minor issues to improve the user experience.

Ministry of Defence

Freedom to live

Free ship life

Free entrance to the Arena

Unlock all birds

Increase after maximum currency

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