Amatir Ahli Bedah Mod Apk (Emas / bintang / Berlian)


Amateur Surgeon four (MOD, Gold/Gems) - A very unusual and at the identical time an exciting game in which you'll play a professional health practitioner. The plot of this sport unfolds properly after the primary affected person returns to the existence, and you want to know how this occurs and unravel the thriller. And then your numerous operations start. Solve the mystery of the resurrection, do no longer have a look at some thing, discover in what all the secret of everlasting life is hidden. Despite its small weight, the game may be very interesting and addictive. It will please all lovers of something unique and not regular answers.
5.0/5 Memberi suara: 512,459
Versi: kapan
06 Agustus 2019
Android 5.0 +
93 MB | 93.7 MB
Google Play

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If you are the kind of person who likes to play the doctor/surgeon, kemudian Amateur Surgeon 4 Apk is the perfect gaming application for you. Dalam permainan ini, you can perform the surgery of more than 100 patients. That too, you can perform the surgery with household tools.

You can also take your pizza cutter and start the surgery. Dalam permainan ini, there is a character, ‘doctor bleed,’ who is a pioneer of amateur surgery, and one of the shocking revelations that you will come to know is that he is back from the dead. Dalam permainan ini, you will have to help him.

You will have to assist the doctor in solving the mystery of his sudden resurrection as he goes through the globe looking for answers. And in his journey for the answers, he saves the lives of many people. There are many good features in the game Amateur Surgeon 4 Apk.

Some of this game’s features are – you can play the doctor with more than 99 patients, and you can cut open and start operating them. You can operate giant squids, bears, robots, lungs, hearts, brains and eyes, dan banyak lagi. Appoint 30 partners etc.

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