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Handcent Next SMS 8.0 has arrived, bringing to you all kinds of new features, visual and stability improvements.
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Everyone who has a phone knows how important a good texting and messaging app is because it helps you stay connected and keep in touch with your friends, family, and loved ones.

It is also beneficial professionally. That is why a lot of people love an app such as the handcent next SMS apk. If you want the text me up premium apk, all you have to do is download handcent next SMS, and you will get access to the free bulk SMS app.

This is one of the best apps for people who want to send out a lot of messages. It is the next sms best texting app compared to actually texting but comes with the added benefit of sending as many messages as you want.

Another significant advantage is that you can share full-size multimedia with this version of handcent next. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful SMS messenger apps, and with the latest version of handcent you will experience the latest and the next generation of texting.

Communication should be free because it helps you keep in touch with your loved ones, and this app gives you free communication with all kinds of new features in an SMS format.

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New installation guide window.
The Watch App isn't a standalone app ,it must work with Next SMS Android phone edition

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