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9 June 2021
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There are many interesting games that you must have played till now. But Invasion modern empire mod apk game is more interesting than you must have imagined. In other games, you must have played different roles like a group leader. or apprentice or driver, racer, but in this game, you will have to play a Savior role. You will have to save the world from the hands of the opposition trying to dominate it.

It is as simple as that, but the game project is a serious one. In Invasion: modern empire apk, there is a story in the game, and it has a picture of high quality and good dialogues. Invasion modern empire hack mod apk, you will be the player, and your role will be commander-in-chief of the army.

This game has only one goal in the modern empire mod: to fight against the opposition party and win the war. But the opposition will also try hard to dominate the world.

So, in invasion: modern empire apk game, you have to stop the other party from ruling over the world at any cost. In this game, one of the best parts is getting a well-trained army at the beginning of the game. And with the help of this army, you have to fight off your opponent. Next, along with the army in the march of empires mod apk, you will also get the latest weapons to use in the battle against the army.

And besides this, you will also get military equipment and transport stuff.

What's new

1. Dragon Boat Festival event now open for a limited time.
2. Captain's Party now open.
3. Cog Mania now open.
4. New Captain - Belle, available for a limited time.
5. New Captain - Lewis, available for a limited time.
6. Special Red Officer added to the Summer Activity Series.
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