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Comic Yu is a simple and effective comic reader application that provides a great reading experience along with many useful features designed for manga lovers.
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Looking for a good application* read* and* track* your favorite comics from your favorite site?

Comic Yu is a simple and effective comic reader application that provides a great reading experience and many useful features designed for manga lovers.

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With comic woo, you’ll never want to reread your manga using a web browser.

Here are some of the features you’ll love to know:

  • Add comics to the app by entering the URL or using an internal web browser.
  • Better organize your comic book list with “Reading” and “Following” systems. You won’t find yourself missing the track of unread comics again.
  • Automatically check if your comic book has new chapters.
  •  Pre-assign the right reading style to everyone. Supports left-to-right, right-to-left, or top-down reading prompts.
  • Read on all chapters of the manga. Move from the last page of the current chapter to the first page of the next chapter. Simply swipe your finger.
  • Automatically save your reading progress.
  • Easily back up your comic book list to your email.
  • Download manga to your device and read it anytime, anywhere.

The largest comic book library

  •  Allows you to stream in different libraries at the same time. You can choose which one to use, and you can create or delete your library by country.

 Unlimited downloads, fast downloads

Easily search for comics and discover

  • Search and filter manga titles, author names, ratings, the genre you like.

Comics browser

  • Automatically saves the progress of each chapter.
  • Sign to read, read and download chapters in different colors.
  • Supports 3 reading modes: continuous, page scrolling, page curl.
  • Supports 3 reading directions: vertical, left to right, right to left
  • Supports double-page reading and page curl animation on Android devices
  • Bookmark your favorite pages
  • Read all chapters without problems without going back.

Notification of updates

  • Add your comics to favorites; check for manga updates every day.

Disclaimer – Comic Woo does not own or host any content. Add links in a convenient and easy to use interface.

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