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Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2020 for Android™ to help protect you from harmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe with App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and App Permissions advisor. Download for Free Now!
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Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2020 for Android™ to help shield you from unsafe infections and malware. Protect your information with App Lock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and App Permissions counsel. Download for Free Now!

AVG AntiVirus Free & Mobile Security, Photo Vault Apk are available software, which can secure your computers and shelter you from malware and spyware. It is possible to download these programs on your PC from different resources on the internet. Microsoft has made these apps to guard your PC. When you use the photograph vault app on your PC, you need to download it from the internet and then install it on your computer, which will help you to save all the pictures and videos which you take through a definite length of time and can also create new video and photos after a few days. This program is quite much useful as it gives you safety in the virus and malware.

Você também pode obter este aplicativo AVG AntiVirus Apk do ClubApk.

Image storage on the internet is now accessible and gets the Virus and malware attack on the computers. We must use the photo vault application to safeguard ourselves from these viruses and malware, and so we need to download this program from the net. When you install the app, you may see some information regarding the installation displayed at the bottom of the display after the installation procedure. You have to select the optionVaultand click on the button to observe the program’s features.

After you install the program for the first time, it will begin the scanning process, and then the picture storage program will allow you to store some pictures and videos that you just took. The photo vault app also enables you to retrieve the images after a while. There are many other attributes available with the picture vault program related to malware and virus. In case you need to understand more about the qualities and safety of this app, you can visit the official website of this enterprise to find out more about the app’s conditions.

Mais do que 100,000,000 individuals previously introduced AVG’s antivirus portable security applications. Go along with them now and:

✔ Scan applications, games, settings, and documents continuously.

✔ Boost speed by slaughtering errands that hinder your gadget

✔ Extend battery existence with Power Save

✔ Clean superfluous records to free up space

✔ Lock touchy applications with a PIN, example, or unique mark

✔ Enable finding your lost telephone through Google Maps™

✔ Hide private photographs in a scrambled Vault

✔ Stay mysterious with VPN

✔ Scan Wi-Fi systems for dangers

✔ Check Wi-Fi download and transfer speed.

✔ Get an understanding of the consent level of introduced applications.

With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2020 para Android, you’ll get a robust infection and malware assurance, telephone locator, task executioner, application lock, Wi-Fi Scanner, and photo vault to help shield you from dangers to your security and online character.

Application Features:


✔ Scan applications, games, and records with our double motor antivirus and expel the evil substance

✔ Scan sites for destructive dangers (Android’s default program and Chrome)

✔ Wi-Fi Scanner for arranging encryption, secret phrase quality, and Captive Portal (ones with ‘sign-innecessity)

✔ VPN Protection: Secure your online security


✔ Extend battery life by killing battery-depleting settings with Power Save

✔ Kill undertakings and procedures that can hinder your telephone or tablet

✔ Clean pointless documents and free up extra room

✔ Check Wi-Fi download and transfer speed.

Hostile to Theft:

Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2020 for Android together with AVG’s remote administration reassures or instant messages (SMS) to:

✔ Locate your lost or taken telephone using Google Maps

✔ Lock your phone and set a lock screen message

✔ Make your phone sound an alarm.

✔ Theft [free trial]: carefully messages you a photograph of anybody attempting to open your phone or tablet

✔ Device Lock [free trial]: consequently bolts your phone at whatever point the SIM card is supplanted

✔ Surveillance Agent [free trial]: remotely catch photographs and record sound from your phone through our site

✔ Remote History: inquiry the call log, contacts, and instant messages remotely

✔ Wipe your telephone or tablet and SD card content


✔ Hide private photographs in a secret word secured Vault to forestall snooping

✔ App Lock [free trial]: lock touchy applications to secure your security and wellbeing

✔ Delete clipboard substance and perusing History (Chrome program and Android adaptation more established than 5.0)

✔ Stay unknown with VPN

✔ App Permissions: get an understanding of the degree of consent required by your introduced applications

Application Insights:

✔ App use tracker

✔ Monitor how you invest your energy

✔ See where your information is utilized.

✔ Discover potential protection issues

This application utilizes the Device Administrator’s consent. This consent permits you to bolt and wipe your gadget from my.avg.com remotely.

This application uses Accessibility authorization to ensure outwardly debilitated and different clients against phishing assaults and harmful sites.

By introducing or refreshing this application, you concur that your utilization is represented by these terms: http://m.avg.com/terms.

Google®, Google Maps™, and Android™ are Google, Inc.’s trademarks, enrolled in the USA and different nations.

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* Introducing Hack Alerts — This free feature will warn you if any passwords linked to your email address were compromised in a hack or a leak. (Simply turn it on within the app)
* Junk Clean is working again — We've fixed a bug that sometimes caused Junk Clean to freeze up. (Thanks for reporting this, everyone. If you find any other bugs, please report them via Settings > Help & Feedback.)
* Other improvements — Just the usual tweaks to keep your antivirus going strong.
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