RAID: Shadow Legends MOD Apk (Battle Speed)


Battle your way through a visually-stunning realistic fantasy RPG with hundreds of Champions from 16 playable factions.
4.2/5 Голоса: 1,476,571
Plarium Global Ltd
17 September 2021
5.0 и вверх
150 МБ
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Raid shadow legends mod apk you have to combat your way through a stunning real fantasy RPG, which is visually very good along with 100 champions amongst the 16 playable factions.

In Raid shadow legends apk mod, you can collect powerful champions. There are a total of 16 factions, and you can gather 100s of warriors. Raid shadow legends hack mod apk you can gather teams of magicians, Elves, Knights, Skinwalkers, and much more so that you can defeat your enemies. In raid shadow legends mod apk 2019 апреля, you can also later recruit your enemies to your side.

Mod apk raid shadow legends, you can also combat classic boss battles. You can erase plenty of solid bosses for loot, XP, or single champion drops. Then, to get higher volume equipment in the raid: shadow legends mod, cross beat the bosses.

Then, there is also a PVP arena where you can go head-to-head with separate players to open sui generis tools and rise to the rankings in final arena battles.

Raid shadow legends mod apk 1.12.2 состоит из 2 groups pass in which the excellent one will come out. Raid: shadow legends mod also has an instinctual 3D artwork. The heroes are rendered beautifully and offer decorative elements right down to the blows of their armor.

Что нового

New in 4.60.2:

- New Doom Tower rotation. Beat 2 brutal new Bosses, craft 2 all-new Artifact Sets, and clear new challenging Secret Rooms!

- Teams used to defeat Doom Tower Bosses will be remembered between Floors.
- Your Best Time is now shown for each Doom Tower Boss for more efficient farming.
- The number of Best Teams shown on Doom Tower Floors has been increased to 30.
- All Clan Quests are now open for all Clan Levels.
- Improved Rewards for Clan Quests.

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