Shadow of Death 2 Apk – Shadow Fighting Game

The sequel to the epic Shadow of Death with over 10 million downloads worldwide.
4.5/5 Голоса: 32,570
Bravestars Games
23 August 2021
Android 4.0+
155 МБ
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The sequel to the epic Shadow of Death with over 10 million downloads global.

Shadow of Death 2 maintains the tale of Maximusa warrior with a cleansed memory. He wandered within the dark, fighting demons to convey backlight to Aurorathe land he as soon as lived and to rescue the ones he once cherished. And now, warriors, are you ready to enroll in Maximus in the subsequent chapter of Aurora? Challenge the enemies, and display them what you have!

After placing Shadow of Death two on vacation, I have discovered that it is straightforward to get it back on and find all my games. The rationale that it was easy to get it back on was because I formatted the computer. The game was stored in a separate folder that had a different name from the original site. Once I removed the shadow of death two apps from the computer’s main directory, it was easy to get it back. The only time that it might be a bit harder is if you have any applications that have been installed in the main folders of the pc.

For the initial installation of the game, you may want to reboot the computer. It is also strongly suggested that you utilize a program that will permit you to install software from a particular location. There is a program called Bootleg that is available that may help you do this. After this is done, you will have the ability to load your account up and download all the games you want to perform. This way, you do not need to worry about reinstalling the game and all its files again.

After the initial installation is complete, you should be able to run the game without any difficulties. тем не мение, if you have any problems with the match, you need to immediately reboot the pc and restart it in the Windows operating system. The reboot ought to be made as soon as you turn off the system. After doing so, you should be able to use the net and continue playing the sport.


Experience trendy combat patterns in the story of Shadow of Death 2! Upgrade your guns, degree up your skill, then beat the enemies off with sassy mixtures. Attack the darkish pressure along with your fashionable actions. Show off your capabilities and let them have the taste of your blades.


Explore the dark delusion world of Aurora with 6 spanking new maps. More demanding situations and epic fights are looking forward to you inside the darkish, where you may have possibilities to meet Leviathanthe mythical dragon with deathly unfavorable breath!


Confront tremendous monsters in the course of your journey. Get geared up to assignment mysterious creatures that seem to live most effectively within the legends, but they do now not! Fight off frog slimes, massive jellyfishes, dragons, and extra. It’s gonna be the epic 1 vs. a hundred conflict, and it’s gonna be amusing!


Exciting RPG international to your pocket
four unique characters with unique combat patterns
Customize your heroes with diverse skins and weapons
Play each time, anywhere within the tough offline mode
Level up the sport with on-line PvP battles

Что нового

- Added new character: Lunae
- Added 3 new weapon sets for Max, Quinn and Mount
- Added new, limited shop card page featuring new weapon sets
- Overhauled UIThank you for playing and we hope you continue to support future updates of Shadow of Death 2.

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