Angry Birds Match 3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Lives)


Explore worlds and acquire Hatchlings on this cute suit 3 puzzle sport!
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Nâng cấp
31 August 2021
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5.0 trở lên
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137 MB
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chợ ứng dụng Google Play

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Explore the world and collect the chicks in this cute match three puzzle game!

Decorate the scene, win new outfits, and dress the chicks to express your style!

You might not have heard of Angry Birds Match 3, but there’s a good chance that you have played the original game. This is a game in which the main character is a creature called Ducky, and the purpose is to collect all of the available power ups. These include things like bursting berries, flying automobiles, as well as rolling trains. The target is to get the pigs to the end of the amount by rolling them down ramps. As you will see in the screenshots below, the game’s trick is timing your roster across different levels. Keep this in mind while you proceed throughout the game, and you’ll be OK.

Before we talk about the Angry Birds Match 3 Apk file, let us understand the basics of the game. In the first degree, Ducky and Fluffy get separated. They both have to fly back and forth across the screen, collecting power ups that they can carry with them. If they meet up again, they must follow their particular route back to the area that they had left off in. But since they are broken, they can’t achieve that. So they go to various parts of the display seeking the power ups to help them reach the end of the level. These power ups include matters like a range of exploding tomatoes and trains.

If you have heard of the original Angry Birds match, you will notice that it has been upgraded to incorporate the most modern features and functions. That is why it’s calledModernAngry Birds. This game comprises improved levels that will make it easier for you to continue playing and keeping score. Bear in mind the Angry Birds Match 3 Apk document can let you get started on your quest to beat the amounts and get the highest score possible.

Beat the levels to help save the piggy chicks and grow their flock of cute girls right nowthey are waiting for you

Đặc trưng:

???? Unique and fun game 3 with challenging puzzles

???? Collect cute puppies, nourish and open new worlds and let them explore

???? Combine four or more items to bring out big birdsred, bombs, and mandrels!

???? Treat your flock looking for new things to decorate the scene.

???? Take part in special thematic events all year round!

???? Visit your chicks, try out new outfits, or say hello!

???? Warning: Nice critical level.

Angry Birds Match free, but there are also optional in-app purchases.

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Dust off your brooms, witches and wizards, it’s time for a magical new event in Angry Birds Match! Take on enchanting new challenges and meet three new bewitching Hatchling friends!
– Magic Event coming soon!
– NEW! Magic Portal levels. Matchables that fall through portals are teleported to another place in the level.
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