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Cheetah Mobile Communications
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June 5, 2019
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4.0 trở lên
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5.1 MB
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chợ ứng dụng Google Play

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Cm browser apk is a powerful internet browser that was developed by KS mobile. KS mobile has also developed many other security applications like CM Security and Clean Master.

Cm browser apk for android is the only kind of application where their entire objective is on providing security to the user on their android.

Apart from the tight security, by cm browser mini apk, the browser has many positive sides also. This application apk cm browser takes up to less than 2 MBs of memory in your device.

You can also compare it with Google Chrome and the other 28 Vân vân. cm browser pro apk has many other interesting features like changing the default search tools.

It can also change the browser’s font. You can fully personalize bookmarks, and with the Cm browser, apk even use tactile movements when a video is playing on the browser.

Then, with the help of this descargar cm browser apk, you can also protect your device from any possible malware. It has an anti-virus that protects your system against all such dangers.

It protects your APKs, which you try to download from the browser. With cm browser apk no ads, you will be protected when you download any app from outside Google Play.

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