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• Translate between 103 languages by typing
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Google LLC
Phiên bản
Nâng cấp
16 Tháng bảy 2021
Yêu cầu
Android 4.1+
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47.8 MB
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chợ ứng dụng Google Play

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Sự miêu tả

Several translating applications are available on the google play store, and one of those is the google translate apk. This application is used for translating between 103 languages.

In this world, no one is perfect and does not have information on all 103 languages. Vì thế, several people have started to use google translate offline apk.

This application also works when internet connectivity is not available. Translation of one language to another language is too easy by using google translate apk download free.

Google translation application is freely available on the google play store. As it is an authorized application from Google, so do not think and download the google translate apk.

Google translate apk file is not require large space on the SD card in your Smartphone device. For translation in translate google apk, users have to copy to type the text for translation, and a pop up of translated language will show on the screen.

Users can also upload text images in this google translate apk full and get results within less than a second. One of the best advantages of google translate apps apk is that users can use it anytime if their device does not connect with networks.

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