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A fully featured hand drawn animation application for Android. Made by an animator, for animators. Powerful enough for professionals, simple enough for beginners. Everything you need to create traditional hand drawn frame-by-frame animation, anywhere you go!
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25 Tháng bảy 2021
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Sự miêu tả

A fully featured hand drawn animation application for Android. Made by way of an animator, for animators. Powerful sufficient for specialists, easy enough for novices. Everything you need to create conventional hand drawn body-via-frame animation, anywhere you cross!

The RoughAnimator is a 3D animation app for Android powered by Sketch. It is among the best apps I’ve ever used, and it is one of the best programs I’ve ever heard of, too. This exciting little program combines rapid prototyping with live action animation to create actual time, high-quality digital animation. Think of it as an Adobe Photoshop that runs on your Android device. It is a really cool bit of software, but you want to use the RoughAnimator app to use it completely.

Basically, what you need to do to use this animation app is to export an H.264 video in your camera or import an existing HD video to use. As soon as you have your movie, all you need to do is set up a simple scene, then sketch it out using the built in sketching tools. That is pretty much it. All you have to do is turn the sketches into 3D objects, which will really appear in the next stage of the animation process, which can be known as animating them.

Employing the RoughAnimator app, you can actually create short video clips that seem like they’re moving, are nicely animated, and also have motion and sound results. The whole process takes under a minute to complete. This really is a cool little program that could be used for both professional and casual usage.

Đặc trưng:

Timeline with limitless layers and without problems adjustable publicity length of man or woman drawings, for pose-to-pose or immediately-beforehand, animating
Onion skinning
Preview playback
Scrub alongside a timeline
Import audio for lip syncing
Import video for rotoscoping animation
Custom brushes
Supports Samsung S-Pen and different stress touchy gadgets
Control framerate and backbone
Export animation to Quicktime video, GIF, or image series
RoughAnimator tasks can be imported to Adobe Flash/Animate, After Effects, and Toon Boom Harmony

Có gì mới

- Organize project files in folders
- Remembers last active layer/frame in project when reopened
- Number sliders should be a little easier to slide now
- Bug fix: crash on merging layers
- Bug fix: interface got squished after leaving app and coming back
- Bug fix: was allowing invalid characters in project filenames

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