Sea Battle 2 MOD Apk (Kim cương không giới hạn)


Sea Battle 2 is everyone's favorite board game from their childhood with new abilities and an expanded arsenal! Millions of people around the world play this game. You will have battleships, airplanes, submarines, mines, and radar at your disposal—and that's not all. Place your battleships on the battlefield and launch attacks on your opponent's field. Use various types of weapons to sink the enemy's naval fleet and win the battle.
4.7/5 Phiếu bầu: 1,150,468
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Nâng cấp
2 Tháng bảy 2021
Yêu cầu
4.1 trở lên
Kích thước
47.6 MB
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chợ ứng dụng Google Play

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Các sea battle 2 mod apk is one of the best games available out there, which involves real sea fighting elements.

You have your own ship, which is used to defeat different enemies in the waters. It is a very intense game that revolved around the ocean in which may other players are also there.

You aim to defeat the opponent by destroying his or her ship. You have canon and many other weapons which are used to defeat the enemies. Every time you win a match, you get more gold or points, which can be used to upgrade the ship, create more defense, and raise the speed and other dynamics of the ship.

Sea battle 2 apk also allows you to upgrade the weaponry system. Upgraded weaponry helps you advance in the game in a much better and leads to other levels soon.

The size of the game’s application is not that much, and you get the best sea battling experience in this game. It is available for download in the google play store, and the mod version of the game, which comes with more features, can be found on the different websites on the internet.

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• Fixed bugs

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