Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D MOD Apk


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31 tháng Ba 2021
Yêu cầu
4.0.3 trở lên
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55.4 MB
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chợ ứng dụng Google Play

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Sự miêu tả

Turboprop flight simulator 3d you can fly military aircraft and also passenger flights. This app is straightforward, and you get a sui generis experience of flying all this in turboprop flight simulator 3d mod apk.

You can do the turboprop flight simulator 3d free download from the Google play store and start playing the game instantly. Có 3 variations of the pilot military plane in this game, I E., spec-ops, tactical cargo, and coastguard. You have to complete various missions in this game. You can also go further in the plane and explore the interior of the plane.

In turboprop flight simulator 3dgame, there are many good features. Some of the features are as follows –It consists of a new and free airplane simulator game, the latest.

There are no compulsory ads. The ads are only elective and rewarded ones in between the flights. In turboprop flight simulator 3d mod apk, you can get 3D pics. It includes realistic physics for flight simulation.

You will get complete pilot control. In the game of turboprop flight simulator 3dthere are multiple management options also available. Also included are the multiple cameras, which include cockpit, co-pilot and captain position cameras, Vân vân., và nhiều hơn nữa.

Có gì mới

This is (mostly) a patch version (with some additions):
* Fixed the floating runway lights.
* Fixed screen smearing when plane landed on water.
* Fixed white streaks on the airports texture when seen from afar.
* Fixed crates sticking out through the XV-40 fuselage.
* Added the "SIGNAL DETECTOR" feature and can now be unlocked in "FREE-FLIGHT" mode for the HC-400 and E-42 aircraft.
* Added three secrets on the map which can be found by using the signal detector.
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