Motorola Officially Announces New Razr Smartphone

March 22, 2020 Gloria R. Wilson No Comments

The industry’s worst kept secret has been that Motorola was planning to release a new Android-based Razr smartphone. Now we know it will be released in January of 2020 with a hefty $1,499 retail price. The 2020 version comes with all the modern smartphone tech specs including an impressive fold down, touch screen.

Here are the official specifications:

Snapdragon 710 processor


128GB internal storage

6.2-inch foldable pOLED display (2142 x 876)

2.7-inch Quick View display (800 x 600)

16MP front-facing camera, f/1.7 with Night Vision mode

5MP internal camera

2510mAh battery



Android 9 Pie

Fingerprint reader

The toughest sell for Motorola will be the price tag. Trying to win over iPhone, Samsung or Google phone users will be difficult with such a pricy product, but Motorola is confident that once consumers get the product in their hands, they’ll want to own one.

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