Tips on How to Bet Online on March Madness And Win

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The NCAA Tournament is one of the year’s most anticipated and thrilling sporting events; therefore, many novice sports bettors want to know how to wager on odds to win March Madness each spring.

We have an online betting guide with all March Madness betting ideas and methods. After Selection Sunday, you will have all the information necessary to wager on March Madness like a pro, from the first round to the championship game.

March Madness

Betting Guide

Some of you may have never placed a real-money wager on March Madness. In that case, the following advice can help you enhance your outcomes and avoid many common mistakes beginners make.

Let’s examine them now.

Have a Betting Budget

Online wagering on college basketball games is an excellent way to earn money. But it would be best if you only wagered what you could afford to lose. Set and adhere to a loss limit for the duration of the tournament. Despite what some may claim, there are no locks. If there were one, we would have completed our work by now.

Make Use of Data Analysis 

The Internet contains statistics and information about each March Madness team and individual. You will know what to expect from each college if you spend 10 to 15 minutes reviewing the statistics. Even the most fundamental data analysis significantly improves your odds of winning.

During your web surfing, eliminate any biased sources. Numerous websites are prejudiced in some way. For instance, if you read a preview of a Villanova Wildcats game on the school’s website, the author will give the squad more credit than they deserve.

Use Bonus and Promotions

There are so many March Madness bonuses and promotions at various top-rated betting sites that it would be irresponsible to take advantage of only some opportunities to increase your bankroll.

Confirm Your Bets

One thing remains constant regardless of whether you wager on March Madness games online, in person, or with friends: we are all human. And because we are human, we sometimes make mistakes. Nothing is worse than becoming emotionally invested in an NCAAB game and believing you’ve won, only to discover that you or a sportsbook employee placed your wager on the incorrect team.

Experiment Various Sites

Best gamblers utilize multiple sites to wager on NCAA March Madness. They consider the lines and odds to ensure they constantly receive the best deal. Usually, the difference is negligible, but it is always worth noticing.

Various Bet Types


Even if you’ve never played, you should grasp what a future wager is. Future bets on March Madness include odds for a specific team to win the national title or their conference.

Most likely, these wagers were placed before the event. Futures wagers are entertaining to follow during a season or tournament, but payouts might be lengthy. As you do not know the wager’s outcome immediately, your money is locked up for an extended period.

Prop Bets

Prop betting is another common form of wagering. These are wagers on events that may or may not occur during or after a competition. Various states may have regulations on college props; therefore, you should be aware of the local rules. The following are examples of potential props:

  • Spreads and totals 
  • Point ranges for winning margins.
  • Points scored by each team

Real-Time Wagering

March Madness games are more fun to watch if they can be wagered on in real-time. Live betting permits wagering on a game in real-time. When live betting odds are released every quarter, you can take advantage of new spreads, money lines, and totals.

Likewise, props have live odds. Use any live wagering action to your advantage. Live odds vanish as quickly as they arrive.

Point Spread

The point spread is a wager that allows you to wager nearly even money on a team “covering the spread” (usually -110 for either team). If Wildcats is the top seed and most people believe it is superior to its opponent, it might receive a 17.5-point lead.

That implies the Kentucky Wildcats must defeat, for example, the Volunteers by at least 18 points for their fans to be compensated. In contrast, Volunteers are the exact opposite. It is not necessary to defeat Wildcats; all that is required is for them to lose and remain within 17 points of them by the end of the game.

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