WhatsApp Top New Features & Tips in 2022

January 27, 2020 Gloria R. Wilson No Comments

Being one of the most popular texting platforms around the globe, WhatsApp is constantly coming up with innovative updates to keep attracting new users. Despite having so many features already, WhatsApp has added some new features and tricks in 2020 that every user should know. Here are certain features that will make your life better once you know them –


WhatsApp Top New Features

Pin Important chats

WhatsApp being the primary platform for online chatting comes with several arrangements to safeguard the conversations. The application allows you to pin meaningful conversations so that they stay on the top and you can start using them straight away. If you have been using an iPhone, simply swipe right and choose the pin icon option.

Dual Factor authentication

The added layers of security in WhatsApp has made it all the more reliable and appreciable. The two step verification involves entering up of password along with the OTP. You will be required to provide the password and OTP in order to ensure that nobody else is using the application.

Mark important conversations

Just like email, you can now put a mark beside the important message so that you don’t have to search for it later. The feature is available on both Android and IOS from the developers of WhatsApp. Just visit the starred message section in the WhatsApp menu and quickly you will be able to access the star marked conversations.

Marking conversations is also a good option if you don’t want to reply instantly. Once you have marked conversations with a dark Green Dot, it will act as a reminder that you need to answer them later.

Fingerprint unlock

As of now, WhatsApp has increased the security parameters by adding face recognition and fingerprint lock features. One can manage the privacy settings under the account section in WhatsApp. Enable the security customization options and nobody will be able to access your chats illegally.

Find out who chats with you the most

WhatsApp’s latest feature 2020 allows one to see which is the most prominent conversation in the entire application. You can easily find out with whom you chat the most by simply moving over the settings – data – storage usage

Desktop shortcut feature

2020 brought a lot of significant amendments in our favorite online chatting app. WhatsApp can now help you to move with the chat head straight away from the homepage of your screen. In other words, you don’t have to launch the application and search for the favorite chat head. Just create a shortcut of your favorite chat on the desktop or mobile phone screen and carry on conversations more conveniently.

Typewriter font

WhatsApp recently came up with italics, bold fonts and strikethrough features that could be added to the conversations. The typewriter font feature added in the amazing application allows you to change the appearance of the words in different ways.

Hideaway WhatsApp conversations

If you don’t want anybody to know with whom you chat most frequently, simply choose the archive option. This will make the chat head disappear from the list. You can access the chat head once again by scrolling right towards the bottom of the screen.

Stop Auto Download media

In the absence of an unlimited data connection and internal memory, you can afford to access only a limited number of stuff in your device. Customize your WhatsApp to stop auto download. Choose settings – chats – turn off save incoming media.

Customizing WhatsApp in auto download will stop automatic download of GIF, images, and videos. You can download whatever content you want by opening the media and then tapping on it.

Schedule conversations

Download an additional scheduler application for WhatsApp and grant access and permission. Fill up the required field in order to schedule the message and make sure that your internet connection is on so that the application can send a message on the due date and time

Prioritize conversations by adding different sounds

WhatsApp has been adding a lot of support to the users. The customization features are simply unlimited in the latest Whatsapp 2020 version. Notifications received from different people can be customized by adding different sounds to their conversations. A minimal Android Oreo operating system is required to customize the application in this way.

  1. Long press application notification and choose manage notification
  • Check out the time when your message was read

It is not necessary that a person reads your chat immediately on opening the application. Blue ticks along with the timing of the message will let you know who read your message when.

  1. Long press the text message on WhatsApp
  2. Press the “I” icon in order to see when did a particular person reads your message.

Share live location

The updated location of the user is now possible to be shared through WhatsApp. One can share the location up to 1 hour straight.

  1. Select the attachment icon and choose the GPS option
  2. Provide your location and share it with the desired conversation

Remove particular video or message from the WhatsApp group

Suppose a particular media in the group is consuming a lot of space in your device, you can easily remove that message or video from the particular group.

  1. In the settings option, choose data and storage space.
  2. Choose groups and contact and select the group in which you need to remove the messages.
  3. Choose the exact media you want to clear and get rid of it instantly.

Final words

WhatsApp is not just about instant online chats, but It is also about customizing the user experience in the best possible way. With a billion active users every day, the application is coming up with more interesting features in order to stay ahead of all the competitors. It can disable the last seen option, bookmark conversations and do much more to give a pleasant experience. Make sure to keep the WhatsApp application updated in order to enjoy more features and the latest amendments in it.

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