Gboard Latest Updates bring up Hand Writing and New Features

February 22, 2020 Gloria R. Wilson 1 Comment

Gboard powered by Google has added some of the cool features and support on the upcoming latest beta version and it is being introduced to the new improved spelling correction.

Handwriting latency in Gboard has been improved much from the earlier version.

Handwriting support is now supporting more languages and this time the Tibetan language is being added.

What’s New?

  1. Improvements to the keyboard latency and startup-time
  2. Gboard improved startup and latency.
  3. Now Tablets user can see the new border on UI.
  4. Word prediction is being improved and handwriting detection is faster than previous updates.
  5. The Tibetan language is being added for Handwriting.

If we missed something then comment below so that we can update in our article.

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