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December 9, 2019
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Winter World Specials are now available: Santa Claus is coming!

Build bridges from different materials, test cars, and trucks, and unlock the next level of teasing the brain!

In the bridge builder, it is proved to be a finished bridge builder! Test your building skills and build bridges in deep valleys, canals, and rivers. The tension simulator shows whether the bridge you built can withstand the weight of cars and trucks, or whether the building will collapse.

The Bridge Constructor apk is among the favorite mobile apps that are available online. This is also an extremely intriguing game where you can build bridges utilizing a variety of resources and build bridges to connect a variety of towns. In this, the participant has the choice to select various bridge designs, build bridges on different geographic locations, and construct bridges to connect numerous cities. In the match, you will also have the ability to choose the materials which you’d like to utilize.

It is also possible to customize your bridges in such graphics that will help you design a bridge that will look truly professional. But, there are several other things that you need to think about while planning your bridges. By way of example, you should ensure you have the correct number of decks on your bridge building map. To put it differently, you should not select more than the required variety of bridges on your route. Inside this, you need to make sure that you choose enough bridges for your mobile gaming program instead of merely for the graphical look.

If it comes to playing with these games, then you want to make sure you properly play your game. You ought to start building your bridge just after you have first researched the space in which you’re planning to construct your deck. This will ensure your players won’t get frustrated if they can’t build their bridges since they are unable to locate the places. Moreover, you need to make sure that you do not take advantage of the Bridge Constructor facilities in your area. Also, you should never take advantage of your flag pole to construct your bridge. Make sure you allow the flag pole to lie on the ground whenever you are working on your bridge construction project. This is going to ensure that your players will never get frustrated when they have to work with the flag pole to build their bridge.

As the leading builder, you can choose between each bridge (such as wood, steel, cable, or concrete column), but you also have to keep building the perfect bridge within your budget. The choice of different materials offers several solutions that you can along the way: your budget is the only limit. Let your imagination and creativity run for free in this fun construction simulator! If you run into a dead end, you can collect valuable tips from the new help system!

Now Available: Train!

Buy “Train” DLC and get the “Kingdom of Choice” island group, with a total of 18 new levels spanning three islands. Construction of bridges that can withstand the enormous weight of two new cars: commuter trains and heavy freight trains. The landscape will make all the frenzy beats of the railroad jump above a rhythm.

Also available for purchase: Romania!

In slopemania add-ons, you will find yourself on the island of Tilting, where there are three new islands, and you can even build your bridges within the colorful grottoes! 24 complicated, never seen levels will allow you to use sloped channels to overcome vast height differences. “Crazy levels” are real bits of intelligence that require out-of-box thinking and unusual solutions.


• 40 levels of brain itchy bridge construction

• Free build mode and help system

• Five scenarios: city, canyon, beach, mountains, hills

• Four different building materials: wood, steel, cable, concrete columns

• Color-coded load indicators for various building materials

• Three different weight classes: cars, trucks, and tanks

• No advertising

Features Slotemania add-on :

• The new island of Tartine

• 24 Tilt Levels Especially difficult “crazy levels.”

• Choose to build sloping roads — even Camatuga

• Additional “cave” settings

Functional train add-ons:

• Opened three new islands with 18 new levels.

• Build bridges for modern commuter trains and heavy-duty trains!

• Unique scenery: Admire the views of the picturesque mountains and gorge!

Optimized tablet:

• HD graphics support for native tablets

• Finger control and GUI optimized for large displays

• Stylus pen compatible with Samsung Pen tablets

What's new

v8.2: fix problem with in-app-purchases
v8.1: improving touch controls, bugfixes, stylus working again
- native screen size support for new devices such as Galaxy S10 etc.
- support for game controllers (e.g. NVIDIA Shield, XboxOne, etc.)
- special mode for color-blind players

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