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A lethal virus is spreading throughout the world producing human mutation and threatening our specie with extinction. Now the survivors of this have joined the Global Resistance and must fight against this unstoppable mortal infection with everything they have. Get ready for the assault: It is time for you to rise up and fight for your survival in a zombie apocalypse in this heart-stopping first person shooter adventure!
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19 May 2020
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A deadly virus is spreading for the duration of the world, generating human mutation and dangerous our species with extinction. Now the survivors of this plague have joined the Global Resistance and ought to combat this unstoppable mortal infection with the entirety they have. Get geared up for the attack: It is time to rise and fight in your survival in a zombie apocalypse in this heart-stopping first person shooter adventure!

DEAD TRIGGER 2– Zombie Survival Shooter is an indie game Manufactured by Zephyr Games and published by Free Game Factory. It is a first person survival shot inspired by games such as Day of Defeat, Day of Defeat 2, Day of Defeat Flash, and Day of Defeat 2. The game features an entirely original storyline, setting, and game mechanics that are fresh and new. The game’s storyline follows a group of survivors that are split into two teams who have to endure in a zombie filled environment for as long as possible. The storyline provides traces of what happened to precede players during the game’s story and the way they changed the length of this sport in their unique way. Each group using a very distinct set of skills will need to be utilized as a way to survive and, most importantly, to develop their health before going to another level.

To be able to survive against zombies, there are a lot of things which you have to do. You may select from a whole list of weapons which you can use, and these include guns, crossbows, shotguns, pistols, knives, melee weapons, and even bombs! While choosing a gun, you have to consider the kind of zombies you’re going to fight and how often they will come around. The weapons that you are going to use also depends upon your location in the game and the map you have. Additionally, there are a few different scenarios that you can go through in the game, such as the battle zone where you go through hordes of zombies or perhaps go for the secure area. But no matter where you go, the main goal will always be to live. However, at the end of the match, there is one scenario where most of the zombies will be murdered.

DEAD TRIGGER 2 – Zombie Survival Shooter was developed by Zephyr Games who’s a business consisting of veterans from WarCraft 3, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Command and Conquer: Generals and quite some others. You can find more details about the sport and its developer by visiting their site at As soon as it’s an exciting game with a unique and fresh storyline, the graphics and sound effects aren’t as impressive as it should be. This makes this game entirely forgettable. There are lots of people who have rated the game tremendously, but a third party publisher has not supported it. Nevertheless, Zephyr Games has launched an extra DLC package, which allows you to play the game from the multiplayer or single player style. This downloadable content package consists of additional characters and missions to improve the quality of the game.

Choose from an insane arsenal of FPS sniper fight gun guns and fireplace in opposition to the evil taking walks undead invasion in terrifying environments around the world!
Immerse your self in exceptional styles of operations along with Story, Global Mission, and Side Quests. Dead Trigger 2 celebrates 100 Million Downloads with loose gifts and offers for you!


  • Battle your manner via ten regions and plan an approach for 33 exclusive arena battlefields. This zombie taking pictures FPS is full of evil motion!
  • Become a zombie shooter with 50 types of gun weapons. Sharpen your goal shooting talents and take out each dead zombie rival with a bullet to the head!
  • Trigger the action with extra than six hundred gameplay conflict eventualities, which includes Solo Campaign, Global Mission, and Side Quests. Complete FPS sniper achievements on this survival battle in opposition to loss of life!
  • Learn army squad methods for the combat within the zombie apocalypse FPS battleground!


Explore goal places, shoot and kill the undead horror in survival environments with one of a kind sniper weapons. It is urgent to stop the dying bloodbath: Plan your FPS is capturing attack strategy within the area and flip your self into a heroin opposition to the unkilled zombie invasion!


  • Brutal lifeless zombie competitors’ movement journey – Some of the less complicated to kill zombies might be a soft goal for a shooter to assault. However, you’ll want a couple of shots for a formidable array of useless bosses.
  • Awesome FPS sniper gun shooting guns to battle in opposition to injustice. Your mission is to live on this evil apocalypse!
  • Zombie shooter time story development – Join the Global Resistance in opposition to zombies and music in to live informed as the global gameplay develops, in which the actions of every single combat can immediately have an impact on the tide of war. Stay alive and unkilled as a whole lot as you may in this action journey!

Tons Of Features:

  • FPS Zombie War Tournaments for Real Prizes – Get prepared for a few loss of life fight movement in our sniper capturing battlefield! Go to struggle with players from all over the world in the mortal first individual shooter, Arena!
  • Choose between a touch control goal shooter machine, a more desirable digital joystick for FPS zombie survival soldiers, or console gaming.
  • Explore your private hideout and meet the Gunsmith, Scientist, Smuggler, and Engineer. They will help to target the sniper assault in this shooter zombie survival invasion as you may unencumber top notch gun weapons and gadgets.

Are you geared up to get up against those evil dead taking walks murderer opponents and combat for your survival on this first person shooter fight? The undead outbreak is crucial. Start killing and taking pictures of dead zombies without losing any bullet and remain unkilled!

What's new

New update 1.6.7 is here!

Fixed in 1.6.5
- Fixed issue with application freezing after playing a video
- Fixed level of brightness in some scenes
- Fixed memory overflow caused by rolltables
- Fixed issue with video ads sometimes not working
- Fixed issue with button responsiveness when upgrading in vendor menu


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