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It turns automatically the screen off when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table. And turns the screen on when you take it out or up. No need to touch any button and you are ready to go. It's especially helpful if your lock key is hard to reach or the power button is broken.
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15 June 2020
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It turns robotically the display screen off while you positioned your smartphone into your pocket or onto a table. And turns the display screen on whilst you’re taking it out or up. No need to touch any button and you’re prepared to head. It’s especially beneficial in case your lock key is hard to attain or the electricity button is damaged.

We’re here to speak about Gravity Screen Pro on Off Apk favorite new Android program which you could use for free. Gravity is an interesting concept: it’s a weight-based exercise and calorie counter, designed to assist you to keep track of your fitness in real-time. It’s easy to use, and it also integrates with your cellular device. It follows that once you’ve downloaded it, it is simple to start using it, and its extensive features mean that it will be there to stay.

In fact, Gravity Screen Pro on Off Apk has a lot of amazing features, including a personal log, a time keeper and exercise timers. The calorie counter operates by counting the number of calories you burn each day as you do your exercise regimen. That is if you keep up with your diet and workout and eat the ideal kinds of food. You can set the program to count calories, but you can also set it to count time spent exercising also. For instance, if you’ve been exercising for five hours, you might want to set the program to only rely on moments.

Gravity Display Pro on Away Apk is really cool, and it’s highly suggested. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I would recommend checking it out, just to see how great it is. As an Android user, I can tell you it really is quite fast and fluid. Much more importantly, it’s also simple to use and looks great on the Android device.

The maximum famous display screen on/off the app. Reviewed via LifeHacker, MakeUseOf, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo and many others …

Key Features:

• Pocket Sensor: Turns the screen off if your smartphone is for your pocket.
• Table Sensor: Detects your telephone is lying on a table and turn it off if no longer in use.
• Turn Screen On by means of Motion: If the display screen is off and it is facing up the tool can be woken up through transferring it.
• Keep Screen On via Motion – Rise to Wake: It maintains the display on while you are looking at the display screen. It is predicated at the small movements of your hand whilst maintaining the tool.
• Smart Lock support: It’s a workaround to make the Smart lock function work great on gadgets with Lollipop.
• Locale plug-in for Tasker, Llama, and others

Unlocked via In-App Purchase

• Better overall performance
• Widgets, Shortcuts
• Wider range for Rising to Wake Timeout
• Wider variety for Table Sensor
• Suspend in Landscape mode
• Exclude Apps choice


It needs to be not huge. I skilled about 6 in keeping with cent extra intake on the take a look at the tool. However, it is able to be a lot better by means of often the use of the Rise to Wake function. Thus, keep your cellphone face down if you need to keep power.


Please, use the Uninstall button in the app. Due to the Android limit, the app cannot be uninstalled in an ordinary way.

What's new

- - v3.27.0 - -
- Keep Screen On by Motion uses wider angles
- If app is suspended the inbuilt Fingerprint gestures paused also
- Targeting API level 29--------
If the app does not work after the update, please clear app storage or send me a feedback from the app.


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