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Offline shooting game, small size but not simple, just download and enjoy it!
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Welcome to the frontline commander! You’re the selected elite, loose claim your rifle, pass the cover and fire, hunt the zombies and terrorists, unite your squad, to save the world!

Three weeks after the Critical Epidemic broke out, the virus unfolds speedily through foreign money, some terrorists rob the serum. Infrastructure destroyed one by one; the society gets into disorder and chaos. President then ordered “The Crisis Action: Storm Assassin” to start the top secret separate agent tactical gadgets; those retailers are educated in emergency conditions can act independently to maintain minimum social features. When the country gets into destruction and crisis when we start our action…

Gun War is a highly successful, addicting, and fantastic gun-based shooting game developed by developer Gunship Interactive. This highly distinctive shooter video game has received many excellent reviews, is rated at number one in its category and continues to be ranked among the most fun games online. The set includes many fascinating and gripping missions, each with its distinct characters, vehicles, weapons, and other capabilities. Among the best features of this game is that players are rewarded with things that they may use to boost their vehicles and weapons.

Among the game’s most exceptional features are the vast number of different, enjoyable, and challenging maps available for your player to play with. Some of the plans contain mountains, forests, deserts, temperate areas, and much more. There are maps put in outer space, some featuring exotic vehicles and weaponry.

The other amazing features of the game include three distinct multiplayer options, one player mode, bonus amounts, several medals, and accomplishments. Along with each of these fantastic features, players may participate in gun battles with up to four players. This ensures that gamers will have a great time. In the end, players can customize their guns and get new and exciting weapons to make them even more useful.

Gun War is the game to play when you’re searching for a fantastic gun game. You can’t go wrong with this match since it’s packed with tons of replay value and has plenty of cool features. The developers must be congratulated for creating such a thrilling and delightful game. Once players begin with this final and fulfilling gun game, they’ll look for something else to do and spend their free time playing more games.

Gun War: SWAT Terrorist Strike’s wonderful functions include:

– More than 124 interesting shooting obligations, along with 6 special type: (rival capturing/sniper murderer/store hostage/endless zombie/uncharted treasure/BOSS struggle ) !
– Offline, and you could start warfare at any time!
– Shocked 3-D next-gen HD photo
Enemy includes zombies, squaddies, armored cars, air units, and, of course, be cautious of accident hostage!
– New generation of “bullet time” computer graphics, to seize each body of your interesting headshot!
– Dust storms, seaports, heavy rain, and different climate effects!
– A form of classic FPS / TPS taking pictures play, we polished the manipulate on cell tool! Enjoy the clean controlling
– Super BOSS Battle, restricted time assassination, hostage rescue, infinite dungeon!
-Classic taking pictures, sniper murderer, riding alloy armor complete attack, invincible and unkilled!
In PVP mode, Globel elite leaderboard locates your opponent in rival deathmatch and enjoys the e-game excitement!
– Every kill to shot have a unique bravo sound and sprite! Encourage your capturing feeling!
– NO dull scripts, Fast-paced taking pictures, and sniper! Take up your shadowgun to rival fire!
– Hide in the back of covers well, then fire back!


– From sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns to terrific heroes weapons! Desert eagle, M4A1, AK-forty seven, Mp5, M87-T, M79, Stw-25, AWM Sniper, RPG(bazooka)!
– Collect guns fragments, integrate effective guns
– Each weapon’s taking pictures performance is absolutely one-of-a-kind, to fire against exceptional enemies! Arrange your guns to get exceptional method!
– Maximize your firepower with multiple, upgradable weapon classes, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, and gadget guns. Utilize unique war gear at the battlefield together with drones, grenades, and RPGs.


– Recruit and teach squaddies and lead the closing battle team to the battlefield! Choose from different viable particular squad members, from sharpshooters to medics.
– The mercenary can be upgraded additionally!
– Your team will cover you and hearth to the enemies, and don’t worry, and they received’t shoot at the hostages!


– Daily take a look at-in to say particular first-rate weapon! All unfastened and permanent!
– Complete the mission to get a variety of diamonds! Everyday play, you can emerge as a wealthy man!
– Redeem code released every day on fb; use it to get a bonus!


– Challenge endless mode to get plenty of resources!


– Optimized for cell tool working, smooth controlling, and thrilling battle sound, enjoy the PS4 / XBOX sport shooting fun!
– Flexible artificial intelligence conduct so that each one enemy is precise!

Compatibility and guide
We’re continuously operating (difficult) so that all Android tools run the game smoothly. Please document any problem you could experience at https://www.Fb.Com/mobliegamegunwar/.


Gun War: SWAT Terrorist Strike is a free recreation; however, it contains mature content and optionally available in-app purchases for actual cash. You can also need to hold away from it from your children.

Give us five stars score for encouraging us to enhance the game continuously.


!!NOTICE: Please use Cloud Save to backup your save facts earlier than an update.
The first-rate zombie taking pictures sport!
【NEW】Add a weapon that has penetration and fireplace score enormously: Magnum Drill
【FIX】Fix the trouble that tapping can also be disabled on a few devices.
【FIX】Improve some performance.
【FIX】Other minor computer virus restore.
A special way to the guys who assist us lots in this model.
Don’t forget to provide 5 stars to encourage us; more updates on the way!

Daily check in the game to get awesome cool shot hero weapon Oh
Complete the task to get plenty of diamonds! As long as nothing to play, you could turn out to be a wealthy man.

What's new

!!NOTICE: Please use Cloud Save to backup your save data before update.
The best zombie shooting game!
【NEW】Add a new weapon: Flesh Grinder
【FIX】Improve performance.
【FIX】Other minor bug fix.
Special thanks to the guys who help us a lot in this version.
Don't forget give 5 star to encourage us, more update on the way!

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