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???? Control epic four headed dragon. Each head have its own elemental spell. Just drag, aim and release to punish your enemies and take revenge for waking you up!
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Eliam & Taida Games
14 August 2020
5.0 and up
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Control epic four-headed dragons. Each head has its elemental spell. Just drag, purpose, and release to punish your enemies and take revenge for waking you up!

Test your reflex and precision on this dynamic defense capturing recreation.
Think speedy and in shape, most detrimental spell on your goals!

If you want to use a friend’s phone or tablet computer, you can find the Mad Dragon Defense APK, which works well for you. Various people downloaded this app, but they have never been able to determine how to talk about it with their buddies. You’ll have to use your account so which you could present your friends’ access to it. Listed here are instructions on how best to share the app with your friends.

The first thing you should do is go to the site listed in the instructions. Here you will need to enter your username and password to acquire access to this website. As soon as you’ve completed this, you’ll need to register for a program that allows you to utilize a wise phone. Then after you’ve signed up with this application, you will need to get into the APK file, which you need to share with your buddies.

When you have downloaded the Mad Dragon Defense APK file, you will have to give this document to your buddy so that they can run it. After you have shared the program with your friend, you’ll have to activate the app by clicking on the telling and click on the Run button. After that, your friend will be able to use the APK file that you have shared with them to enjoy this free computer game for a while.

– Fire Head uses a fireball that explodes and burns multiple enemies!
– Ice Head uses deadly Shards that pierce via enemies freezing all people in its direction!
– Electricity Head uses Lightning so that it will turn your enemies into ash!
– Death Head use Disintegration ray to overheat your enemies, blowing them aside!

Upgrade your attacks with 37 unique enhancements. Change your spells into a weapon of mass destruction!
Set up powerful mines or summon four extraordinary dragonlings to combat on your facet.

Use powerful runes and notice the arena burn! You get them without cost each day!
– Armageddon is a powerful mixture of Disintegration And flames!
– Blizzard is a powerful combination of ice shards and Lightning!
– Time Shift slows downtime and assists you to finish enemies off!

Explore the mad world wherein people are using massive insects.
Defend against limitless armies and break their struggle machines.
Every ten rounds, you release a new boss and countless undertakings. Charge to your enemies, fight off zombies, defeat lich, and other specific enemies.

Customize your dragon with 80 visible gadgets.
Skins permit you to exchange the bottom black dragon into a red, green, blue, bone, or zombie dragon.
Choose your equipment from many helmets, armors, and wings to end up:
samurai, knight, wizard, Soldier, rock celebrity, princess, Pirate, sheriff, and much greater!
Skins may be mixed with helmets, armors, and wings with no limits besides your creativeness!

What's new

Update 1.3 is here!
- Try out first 20 levels of new campaign.
- Jump into the future and meet advanced technology of Dwarfs empire.
- Fight Extreme bosses with unique bead system and multiple special attacks.
- Check out 2 new challenges.
- Next levels are coming soon!


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