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Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is a planetarium app that shows exactly what you see when you look up at the stars.
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Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is a planetarium app that shows precisely what you see when you appear at the stars.

This award-triumphing astronomy application will let you discover the sky and pick out stars, constellations, planets, comets, satellites such as the ISS, and different rooted sky gadgets in real time in the sky above you in just a few seconds, through merely pointing the smartphone on the sky!

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map has an easy to use and minimalist user interface that makes it one of the first-rate astronomical applications for children and adults who need to find out the night sky.

A Stellarium Mobile Sky Map APK is a fantastic download that can be downloaded on the internet. It is the most up-to-date and latest upgrade of this Stellarium software. It has all the features that consumers will need. If you want to download it from the Internet, you may get it with the company’s download button. The code for this program is currently available on the site so that you may use it without any issues.

This program can be used to monitor the stars and planets so that you can discover the location of those celestial bodies. You might also use this application to have a tour around the sky. It is a great tool because you can use it everywhere. In reality, there are many different programs available in the industry today, but not all of them can provide complete information about celebrities. If you would like to find out more about it, you can download the application and see the real-time information.

The service that you may use this application is quite useful since it can provide you with the most recent information concerning the stars and the planets. It’s also the ideal thing for those who have limited knowledge regarding astronomy. You may take advantage of this program to trace the positioning of the celebrities and the planets. You can also find the locations of other celestial bodies like comets and asteroids. With this program, it is possible to get the right path that you have to take to reach the destination. It’s a great application that can be used by everyone since it can serve as a GPS.

It features:

  • a catalog of over 600,000 stars displayed as an actual time zoomable sky map
  • a catalog of many nebulas, galaxies, celebrity clusters, and other deep sky items
  •  asterisms and illustrations of the constellations for numerous sky cultures: discover how human beings see the stars in other components of the planet
  •  artificial satellites, such as the International Space Station
  •  sensible Milky Way and Deep Sky Objects pictures
  • sensible landscape and the environment with sunrise, sundown, and light pollutants simulation
  • accurate simulation of stars extinction and atmosphere refraction
  • 3-d rendering of the predominant solar machine planets and their satellites
  • night time mode (crimson) shielding your eyes whilst making sky statement at the night time time
  • view a nighttime sky map of stars and planets for any date, time, and area

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is created by way of two of Stellarium’s unique builders, one of the first-class astronomy programs on Desktop PC.

What's new

- Avoid screen to go to sleep when app runs.
- Use adaptative icon.
- Fix Arabic language bug.

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