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Do you want to learn English? Do you need to pass the First or Advanced certificate or the TOEFL test? Learning English with films and private tutors is easy with the ABA English app. Learn English Today!
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ABA English
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January 30, 2020
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Want to learn English? Do you need to pass the first or advanced certificate or TOEFL exam? Learn English with movies and private tutors is easy with aba English app. Learn English today!

Does anyone want to learn ABA English for the sake of it? To put it bluntly, no. We all like the idea of doing something different and exciting, but not so much that we’re willing to put in a lot of time and effort to get it done. If you’re someone who does need to learn ABA English, then there are several reasons why you should stick with it.

Learning a foreign language isn’t just something you do because someone told you to do it, it’s something you enjoy doing. Having a second language is a great way to learn a new one and can really help you get a better understanding of another culture and language. Being able to communicate with a native speaker also adds an extra edge to your knowledge. In the same way that reading a book is useful to read what people are talking about, you can pick up the tips and strategies from someone who speaks the language to give you an advantage. Being able to speak with an expert, however, is an excellent way to boost your confidence. It will not only make you feel good, but it can make you get over any lack of fluency and feel much more competent and confident.

Being able to speak with a native speaker is not only an important part of getting the ABA English for the sake of it, but it’s also important for the reasons mentioned above. Being able to understand each other’s words and be able to understand what others are saying is an important part of socializing. Asking questions, asking someone where to eat, or even making small talk can be very difficult if you can’t speak in their native tongue. With ABA English for the sake of it, you can definitely put this together, but it won’t be until later on that you’ll really feel the benefits.

Download the app and learn English with the most comprehensive English course: Private Online Tutor, six learning levels and 144 units that cover everything you need to learn the language: Speaking/Conversation, Writing, Learning, Vocabulary, Reading, Grammar, and much more to help you master the language.

How to learn English with aba English

Discover the content of the design so you can enjoy the learning process.

If something interesting and exciting, you will see the result.

✔️ Aba Movie

Let yourself be carried away by the protagonists of everyday situations. Without realizing it, you will learn new expressions and vocabulary.

✔️ Aboriginal teachers

We’ll assign you an online teacher. He or she will guide you from day one, so you can make the most of the course.

✔️ 144 video grammar courses

After watching movies and practicing, you can learn grammar through a video course prepared by the English teacher ABA. Finally, you will understand everything.

✔️ ABA Moment

Quick and fun exercises to learn a little English every day. They will help you create a learning routine.

✔️ English Live

Every week we publish new content so you can access new words, expressions, recipes, interesting facts, stories… Any excuse to practice.

✔️ Six levels 🎓

You can start from scratch or take a level test.

(1) Beginners, (2) Lower Intermediate, (3) Intermediate, (4) Upper Intermediate, (5) Senior and (6) Business.

✔️ Try yourself

Complete each unit with a short test (evaluation) and check what you learned.

✔️ Official Certificate

When you complete a level, you get an official ABA English certificate. Don’t forget to share it on LinkedIn!

✔️ Choose the device you want to learn

You can access the courses from your phone, tablet and computer.

✔️ Offline Mode

There is no internet connection in practice.

A unique and straightforward way to learn English:

Language experts from leading universities around the world agree that our application is a miracle of learning. Based on the principles of a natural approach, which involves learning through full immersion in the language, we have created an English learning system that simulates the same learning process that is experienced when studying abroad and learning English: Listening > Understanding > Speaking > Writing.

Use your device to listen, speak, read and write English as in real life: Gradually incorporate new vocabulary and expressions.


For free and advanced ABA English students, the app allows you to keep up the progress you’ve made by signing in with the same account you use on the ABA English campus.

With the free option (aba free), 144 video courses provide you with all the necessary grammar, explained by the teachers. You also have the first full unit of each level for free so that you can try the ABA English learning method.

With the payment option (aba premium) you can access all the content of the entire course, get a certificate for each level, and get the support of an English teacher, you can contact the ABA English campus with any questions.

* All subscriptions are automatically renewed.

ABA English is an online English academy with over 40 years of experience that allows you to learn English using proven teaching methods.

What's new

Hey ABA Students:

In this new version we have:

- Done a few small improvements to improve stability and performance

- Fixed commonly reported bugs

Go ahead and update!

We love your feedback so keep it coming. (And keep studying lots of English!)


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