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State-of-the-art combat and flight simulator

Destroy land, sea, and air targets. Fight enemy planes in waves of dog battles. Thousands of new missions every day: unlimited adventure!

The AirFighters Mod is an excellent application for the HTC Evo 4G. The ability to convert a Facebook or MySpace page into an AirFighter requires minimal work on your part. All you have to do is follow the steps in the screenshot. Once completed, you will have the ability to put together an AirFighter profile.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and it is also one of the most basic. You can start your profile page by following these simple steps:

Click the Facebook icon. Type in your web username and password, which will be something like Then click the Create a Profile button. Enter a name for your AirFighter account. You will find this option under the Settings tab.

Now that you are logged into Facebook, you should see the AirFighter tab, which is the default view of your profile. To add some photos to your profile, you need to first head over to the Camera tab. Here you will be able to upload pictures from your computer or your camera.

From the Facebook app, tap on the Application menu. Tap on Settings. In Settings, tap on Users and scroll down until you see the AirFighter profile, then tap the Edit button and give it a name.

Under the “Profile Page” tab, tap on the photo option and select the ” Select All ” button. This will select all of the photos you want on your profile page. You can drag and drop the images that you wish to include onto the AirFighter profile picture. If you wish, you can also insert your Facebook avatar image here, but this is optional.

Now that you have your profile page created, you will be ready to invite friends. Tap on the Menu icon at the top of the screen. Tap on the Social options section, and choose the list of contacts you would like to add. You can invite them by clicking on the Add Contact button.

Realistic world maps and navigation, over 500 real airports, 1,107 airstrips, aircraft carriers, and real-time weather conditions.

immersive game

Test yourself in the world of hegemony, where you will participate in the best missions published worldwide. Become a dog fight, where you will face more powerful enemy aircraft flying ace: 6 game modes and become the top weapon.

Aircraft – Naval Operations

If you use an aircraft carrier or airport as a mission base, you can extend your action range.

Create your tasks

Choose an area of the world and create your tactical missions to choose from a large selection of different air/ground/naval targets. Post your best quests and let other players rate them.

Unprecedented Realism

With 569 major airports in the world, its location and runway length are accurately replicated.

The plane you are going to fly is real in terms of performance, characteristics, and fuel capacity: you can test yourself on vertical takeoff, make the most of the wings of variable geometry, and fly in the cockpit of the best fighter on Earth.

The flight engine allows you to navigate the planet, but be careful about the fuel capacity and make sure that you are obliged to refuel in flight on time.


F/A-18 Super Bumblebee


F-14 Super Battle Cat

Intruders A-6

AV-8b Harry II

F35b Lightning II

Ghost II

Falcon (United Kingdom)

Su-47 Burkart

F-22 Raptor


One – Ten Thunder II

Dasso Rabale

Some features need to be purchased in the

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