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You must be irritated by the application that is pre-introduced in your gadgets. You feel lost time when to expel the application. This application will be a snappy arrangement and advantageous for you!
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Uninstall Master for Android is a feature removal tool for apps on your Android mobile device. This Program Master for Android removal software enables you to eliminate apps and applications from the own Android apparatus with just a few clicks of the mouse. Contrary to other removal programs that might take days to remove specific programs, this software only must be utilized to remove specific kinds of apps, and there is no lengthy procedure. You may even uninstall your entire library of applications and media files with one click.

Uninstall Master for Android Can Be Obtained in the Google Play Store at No Cost. All you have to do is download the APK file from the download link provided on top of the article and install it on your Android device. You will be prompted to install the program on your Android apparatus and then choose the applications to be removed from your Android. The App Master for Android features a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use controls. All you need to do is hit the remove button and choose the program you wish to remove an app uninstalled.

When the program is eliminated, you will see a confirmation pop-up that lists all of the program’s details. This Program Master for Android also lets you restore the backup files to restore your apps to their former glory. You might also use this App Master for Android to detect the leading cause of the problem that caused the program to be uninstalled in the first place.


Are you bothered by too many preinstalled third-party apps?

Are you upset about the number of taps needed to uninstall the app?

Have you ever uninstalled an app and then changed your mind?

Uninstall the master is probably the solution you are looking for!


The new user interface is clear and easy to use;

perform bulk unloading;

get rid of selected preinstalled or malicious applications;

Get free of preinstalled Bloatware, put your device in trouble, and spend your money. (root causes of need);

Silent discharge and recovery. The request window no longer appears! (root causes of lack);

Recycle Bin makes backup and recovery of applications easy to use;

Freezing and defrosting applications. (need root and unlock);

Quickly classify and find your applications;

App Sharing: Share individual or massive apps with your friends with a single tap, no need to install additional app sharing tools;

Fast and friendly customer service;

Natural application 2sd function, easier than linking 2sd;

Automatically start the administrator, save more startup time.

WiFi-Manager, a very convenient WiFi management tool.

Wireless network sharing with widgets.

What’s the root?

The root is a superuser account (similar to a Windows administrator account). As a security limitation for Android, only apps can get more robust features after having this permission.


Some antivirus programs may incorrectly identify the master uninstall software as spyware.

No, it’s not. This software does not collect any information that violates or compromises your privacy!

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