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We have a wide selection of popular dramas, movies, variety TV shows, fashion and lifestyle videos from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries.
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We have popular drama, movies, a variety of TV series, fashion and lifestyle movies from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and other countries.

Asian Drama App brings you the best Asian entertainment anytime, anywhere for free.

Asian Drama has been a part of TV and movies for decades now. It is difficult to categorize which Asian Drama we are talking about though many of them can be defined as dramas. Here are some terms that will help you understand what I am talking about:

Drama (가는 한국의) is a type of story that deals with themes of love, death, love, friendship, anger, conflict, suspense, love and beauty, and so on. It is a general term for stories that contain plots involving these themes. Many stories are drama films, while others may be documentaries or drama serials.

Dramatization (왕단트) is a form of drama where actors do not directly talk to the scenes but use non-speaking acting techniques like gestures, body movements, and gestures and facial expressions. Also, dramatization is one of the special effects of films and one of the main reasons why Korean dramas are so popular. For drama, live actors are the ones to perform the acts while electronic recording and computer modeling techniques are used to record the performance. Using the computer is one of the main reasons why Korean dramas are successful since it is very realistic and a lot of important actions and poses are portrayed in the drama.

Dramacool IO (이미진리의) is a TV channel that covers almost all Asian Drama. This is not just the channel’s tagline but also the name of the company. They air drama programs in the evening for commercial purposes. As the name suggests, it is made by a Japanese company called Dramacool. It also features Korean dramas that are also produced by the company.

Korean Drama (황가를 명동) is a popular genre of Asian drama. It involves the hardships of humans as well as the cruelty of humans towards each other. Like its English and American counterparts, the main characters are usually ordinary people who are forced to face a series of circumstances. Korea is known as the land of the “human stick,” where strong and strict leadership are found.

A mixture of Korean and other cultures, Asian drama is very varied. Sometimes it also involves Asian countries or regions such as Japan, Korea, and China. Some dramas are historical, while others deal with the lives of Chinese people in China.

In Indian Cinema, much emphasis is placed on the social background of the characters. The subject matter may vary from time to time but always the themes of emotions and love remain prevalent. Various directors have attempted to make Asian Drama into a mainstream form of cinema that is followed in many countries across the world.

Finally, here comes the place to see original and popular shows, plays and variety shows! The Asian Drama app features selected and popular shows and plays, allowing you to stream with premium viewing experiences.

We can make it easier for you to search for specific categories that you want to explore further.

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