Bad Princess Apk (High Damage)

Are you tired of the classic fairytale? Bored with the last part is always the same? This game will invert your shadow from the past fairytale What hidden secrets between Little Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad WolfAttract Not only the male players but also female players. According to the data, the game is favoured by 85% of female players! Atk power they will not be defeated by the men. In other words, this game ARPG not only occupy the male players again !!
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1. Tired of classic fairy tales? Is the last part of boredom always the same?

This game will reverse your shadow from fairy tales of the past.

What hides the secret between Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf

Snow White fell in love with the frog prince?

End the unexpected and will surprise you!

2. Attract not only male players but also female players

According to data, the game is favored by 85% of female players!

Men will not defeat ATK power.

In other words, this game arpg not only occupies male players!

3. Equipped with the most interesting PVP features of the century:

Clan Wars // Cross Server/Stage… Everything can meet your pk needs for free!

Most of all! It’s more fun to play together.

Let’s invite your friends to play together and become the most dominant team!

4. Do you want to dress like a fairy tale character? Easy LOH ~

Fairy characters not only wear or shirt dress Baja!!!

In addition to traditional costumes, there are a couple of fashions such as jeans, witches, dark gentlemen, etc.

Create the best of your character!

5. Mini games are interactive

The most compelling social experience — dance dances, monopolies, and others.

It is possible not only to communicate with each other but also to receive various awards.

Meet your soul mate even in this game.

New Features:

1. 3 Golden Hero Younte Baru Akan Khadir!

2. Menan Bashi Costamberta ma, Tamasuk Costamtahambaru dll

3. Menambbashi Fetur Montpelkut team

4. Menambachi Berapa Incident

5. Puerta Pebaiki Masala login An error Lainia

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