Houseparty App Popularity During Lockdown

April 5, 2020 Gloria R. Wilson 1 Comment

If you’re over the age of 15, you have probably never heard of the Houseparty app. Before the coronavirus pandemic, it was popular with kids, but once quarantines and lockdowns were imposed, the app experienced a surge. Its core function is to allow people to converge in virtual rooms, 7 at a time, to play games or just chat. As with any program that is experiencing a steep increase in users, particularly by more sophisticated – meaning adult – users, issues will be revealed.

In the case of Houseparty, the issues related to security. Users have experienced strangers “crashing” their party because the default is an unlocked room, which may be fine for kids, but not so much for adults. Other people have reported their Netflix and Spotify accounts have been hacked. This has gotten serious enough the parent company, Epic, is investigating.

If you’re a Houseparty user, are comfortable using it and don’t have privacy concerns, have a good time. If, on the other hand, you find security concern, there are alternatives that are safer for your virtual partying.

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