How To Get A Free Spotify Premium Account?

April 17, 2020 Gloria R. Wilson No Comments

Undoubtedly, Spotify is the best and one of the most widely used music streaming services that is available on every platform, including Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. You can listen to all sorts of music and podcasts from all around the world, including their lyrics.

Also, this service helps you to create your music, playlist, and collection of favourite songs which you can even share with your friends and others. But,  are you out of data or away from the network service area? Don’t worry then, because Spotify lets you download songs for offline whenever you’re on a flight or at someplace where internet isn’t available. But this comes at a cost which sometimes seems very high for an average user.


Though Spotify is free to install and use, some of its features are locked for free users and are available only to those who have a Spotify Premium subscription. The Premium subscription offers you loads of features including offline listening, music downloading, early access to songs, albums and podcasts, sound boost, unlimited skips, extreme quality streaming and many more.

But in contrast to that, free Spotify users get some restrictions, and these are quite noticeable when you’re using a mobile app for Android and iPhone. One of the essential features for any music streaming services is offline download. But unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t allow to download songs for offline using the free subscription. The rate is also comparatively high to afford for an average user, which is $10/- per month for the individual package and $15/- per month for a family package. In India, it’s around ₹600/- and ₹1000/- respectively.

So, if you’re looking to get free Spotify services without having to pay a single penny, then you’re at the right place. Today, in this tutorial, I’m going to explain how you can get yourself one Spotify Premium account for free. Follow each step precisely to activate your free Spotify Premium account without having to worry about paying anything. If you execute each step minutely, then I’m guaranteeing you that you’ll be able to avail all the premium features that Spotify has. You’ll get unlimited access to some crazy features like ad-free interface, early access, volume boost, unlimited skips and more.

How to avail Spotify Premium for free?

There are two different methods for getting a free Spotify Premium service. One is to obtain login credentials for an account that has an active Spotify Premium subscription. Using these kinds of account login credentials, you can quickly login to your device and enjoy zero restrictions on some fresh and premium Spotify features.

Another method is to download and install a modified Spotify Premium APK that can bypass the security restrictions in the app and can fetch the premium services without any issues. There are numerous nerds out there who can easily crack into the security of any app and allow or bypass services that aren’t available typically. By modifying the Spotify APK, they unlock these premium features, so that anyone can use these without a hassle.

But the second method isn’t safe enough, because recently, Spotify has pushed an update that can detect these kinds of hacked and modified apps. If you’re using such APK, then eventually, Spotify can terminate your account permanently or can sue you legally for disobeying and violating their privacy and security policy.

So, it’s better not to use the second method. But it’s possible and safe to use the first method, which is to log in using account credentials that have a valid and active Spotify Premium subscription. To get such account credentials for free, follow our step-by-step guide, which will let you avail all the premium features and services of Spotify. So, let’s get started with this guide.

How to get a Spotify Premium account for free?

Step 1

All at first, you’ll need to have credentials for an account that has a valid and currently active Spotify Premium subscription. On the internet, there are numerous websites, that can provide you with usernames and passwords for Spotify Premium accounts. Search.

“Free Spotify Premium accounts”, and you’ll get plenty of options. Visit any of the following websites and look for such login credentials. Once found, choose any one from them, which you can use to log in in your device. Also, look for the validity of the subscription, because you’ll need to find new credentials after the validity period is over.

NOTE – If the website tries to charge you something for getting the login credentials, then immediately close that site and try looking for other sites that offer similar facilities. Be aware of filling any form, creating an account, and filling any CAPTCHA for getting the Spotify Premium login credentials. Avoid these websites at the best and get credentials from those websites only, from where you can copy the account username and password straightforwardly.

Step 2

Install the Spotify app on your device. It’s very much recommended to install from Play Store, App Store and Windows Store for Android, iOS/macOS and Windows respectively. Using third-party websites to download the Spotify app can be harmful to security concerns.

If you’re using any modified or hacked application, then uninstall that immediately to reinstall the legitimate one. And if you have been using the free Spotify subscription, then log out from your existing account and if possible, try resetting the app from the application settings on your device. Begin from scratch and try to get a fresh start while logging in using the new account credentials.

Step 3

Now you can easily log in to your Spotify App using the account credentials that you received from the website. Just copy and paste the username and password, and you’re safe to go. But, if the credentials don’t work or the username and password don’t match, then you can revisit the site to look for another username and password and try that.

Unless you successfully get logged into Spotify Premium, keep trying using different account credentials. If you’re securely logged in, then congrats, you can now use every Spotify Premium services and features for free.

It’s also recommended to use a VPN while logging in using the credentials. Some of the login credentials can be regionally restricted and can be activated only from those locations only. Therefore, while logging in, use any reliable VPN service that can mask your current location.

Even if you’re using Spotify regularly and listening to songs, you’ll have to keep your VPN turned on, because they can track you anytime. If they find suspicious location activity, they can block your access to Spotify temporarily.

Step 4

The account credentials which you’ll be getting from the site will have a certain validation period. Once that period is over, you’ll need to find new active account credentials for continuing using Spotify Premium for free. It’s recommended to look for accounts that have validations for more prolonged periods like six months or above.

If you use accounts that have more extended validation, then you won’t need to look for new credentials so often. Just keep the website as a bookmark on your browser, so that you can search for new credentials, whenever the validation period exhausts.


By following the above steps, you can easily avail your free Spotify Premium account without having to pay anything. Enjoy Spotify Premium with unlimited songs and podcasts, offline downloads, track skipping, early access, ad-free interface and more. You need to get account credentials for Spotify Premium with more extended validity period and login to your device. If the validity for the account expires, then you can look for another username and respective password for continue again. It’s that simple.

Note that this method is also against the privacy and security policy of Spotify and violates their terms and conditions. Till now, they haven’t looked into this kind of usage or taken any significant steps against these activities. Therefore, currently, it’s safe to use Spotify Premium using this method.

But, if they release similar update patches that can detect these activities, then they can terminate your access to the entire Spotify service permanently and even take actions against you legally. You won’t risk your main Spotify account though as you’re logged in from a different one, but Spotify can track down your device and take necessary actions.

Therefore, use this procedure at your own risk and no website, including this one, will be liable if your access or account gets terminated. Because they have already started tracking down modified and hacked APKs, it’s very much possible that they can do the same with this method. But, unless and until they do, you can enjoy Spotify Premium as much as you want without any restrictions.

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