Tips To Help You Bet In The UFC

February 21, 2023 Parvina No Comments

UFC betting is a popular venture among sports bettors. It creates value by keeping them entertained and allows bettors to earn money with their favorite activity. You can start with as little as $1 and build a solid portfolio.

Thanks to the internet, beginner bettors can access all the resources they need to start UFC betting. And it provides a valuable platform for them to access sharp UFC picks, lines, and odds.


Read on as we explore some helpful tips to help you place UFC bets successfully.

Take the Younger Fighter

In many games, the UFC included, experience, and tact are crucial tips to winning. However, experienced bettors play the youngest fighters because of their intense and explosive fighting style. UFC reports even state that the youngest fighter wins at least 50% of fights.

When fighters are five or more years apart, the younger contender prevails more than 60% of the time, and when the age difference is ten years or more, the younger fighter wins over 62% of the time.

With this research, expert bettors swear by the younger fighter, citing that it pays off most times. You must, however, still pay good attention to form, as there are still older UFC fighters who triumph by playing smart.

Be Wary of Late Replacements

MMA fighters change at different game points, and late shifts are commonplace. For instance, a player may pull and be replaced by another. Often, these late replacements have less than one month’s worth of preparation. Not surprisingly, these late replacements lose the fight 64% of the time. 

Take the Better Striker

In a match with two fighters with close odds, always back the better striker. Striking stats factor in:

  • Striking accuracy
  • Strikes absorbed per minute 
  • Strikes landed per minute 

Game analytics state that a better striker has a win rate of over 60%. Good striking stats almost directly translates to an increased chance of knocking the opponent out. Monitoring specific weight divisions is crucial, as some divisions have a higher knock-out rate. 

Follow the News

In sports betting, bettors must regularly update themselves with news, stats, and fixtures. It means that a seemingly small news detail can determine the result of a fight. For MMA, the devil is in the details.

Also, by following the news and reputable bookies, you can get predictions to help you wager the right bet. 

Avoid Chasing Losses

Nothing runs a bettor dry like chasing losses. It occurs when a bettor loses a bet and tries to make money back by betting impulsively. Many factors cause a bettor to chase losses, including shame, embarrassment, anger, and sadness.

Sometimes, bettors score a massive win and stake it, hoping to get double the earnings. Both scenarios lead to expensive losses and should therefore be avoided. Coincidently, a big wan can result in the same problem. Coincidently, a big wan can result in the same problem.

When betting on UFC fights, paying attention to the weigh-ins is essential. It is because fighters often bounce back from injuries and prepare adequately for the next battle. They are also an opportunity for soldiers to prepare for their next match.

It would be best if you bet based on your knowledge of the fighters, and it should directly depend on your research. For instance, to bet on an underdog, you must research why they’re the underdog. Holding off the fight altogether is wise if you don’t have rough information.

UFC betting can be a sound way to make extra income or even a sole income source. However, you must research, be consistent, and be patient before you start winning big. Ensure that you are 100% confident in a fighter before staking on them, and their previous performance or style of play can equip you with the needed knowledge.

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