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PiguinSoft presents Cafe Racer: Enjoy endless motorcycle racing, unique low poly graphics, insane degree of customization. No timers, no fuel bars, no limits.
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Piguinsoft introduces Cafe Racing: Enjoy endless motorcycle racing, unique low-poly graphics, custom degree of madness. No timer, no fuel bars, no limits.

It’s understood that Cafe Racer is an Android program that is launched by its founders. It’s the best selling program for Android devices and is adored by cellular users for its participating racing game. Among the things that have made it famous is its skateboarding activities, which can be unique. The game’s actual scene is a futuristic amusement park, wherein the participant is free to move around the playground in almost any way he needs. There are numerous bike tracks around the park, which is made so that the participant has sufficient chances to succeed and not only get involved in the race.

Cafe Racer’s primary mechanisms include top quality audio, which can be made using real speakers. It’s played by an actual person in actual time, which adds to the fun and play. This usually means that you won’t need to wait for another quarter hour before the next break. You can also plan your own pace. This makes it even more exciting for you. It prevents you from running more than players with an anti-racing feature but still allows you to play in a free-for-all mode. If you don’t need to compete, it’s a fantastic idea to keep it off your phone.

You may take various tips if you are planning to download the Cafe Racer program on your mobile phone. The very first thing you have to do is to make sure that your phone has sufficient storage area since there are many documents that you need to download. Secondly, you need to be prepared to cover it as it is worth the money.

A reality represents the first-person experience in a simplified world that allows you to focus on horseback riding matters.

Ride a motorcycle in one or two ways, between turns and filters, real mobile traffic, through cities, rural roads, and desert environments — all in the glorious lack of low-cop details.

Choose from various motorcycles, from small 125cc single cylinder bikes to powerful line ends, with boxers and inline two-cylinder scooters to choose from for you.

Customize your motorcycle, the contents of your heart, change anything from the handle, and mirror to the exhaust and wheels. When you’re done, paint them in your favorite color combinations, you can even draw frames! – and share your photos to show your creativity.

Cafe Racers – endless races of different varieties


• Tilt, slide, touch, and gamepad control options

• Use the up arrow to accelerate and the down arrow to brake

• Press the middle edge of the screen to look around


• The faster you ride, the faster your score will rise

• Approaching overtaking will result in additional bonus points when traveling more than 100 km

• Three levels of difficulty – greater danger, higher return

• If you can handle it, try to find an alternative route – bonus points waiting for high-speed

• If you hear the horn, try to move aside – a car behind you, which can only run you over

Cafe Racers will be updated regularly for more content and optimization. Don’t forget to leave a comment with your comments.

What's new

- New track
- New lighting system, new helmet rain effects
- Handling overhaul: peg scraping, updated wheelie logic and pivot points
- New collision system
- New Customization parts
- Updated photo studio controls with added effects
- Ad powered double rewards
- Free paint shop and customization options
- Bike color sets
- New NPC car and general car love: New lights, new brains, mild facelifts
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