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Clover Paint is a feature rich painting app with deep complexity. With Clover Paint, you are bringing a sketchbook with customizable canvas size, highly sophisticated brush and layer system, plus custom hotkeys and shortcuts for productivity. Clover Paint is tailored for touch devices so that you can draw comfortably without worry about touch interfering. Simply disable Touch event in Gallery/Settings → Stylus (devices with digitizer only) to enable pen-only mode for drawing and finger gestures for moving the canvas around.
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October 8, 2019
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Clover Paint is a function wealthy portray app with deep complexity. With Clover Paint, you’re bringing a sketchbook with customizable canvas length, fairly sophisticated brush and layer machine, plus custom hotkeys and shortcuts for productiveness. Clover Paint is adapted for touch devices so you can draw without problems without fear about contact interfering. Disable the Touch event in Gallery/Settings → Stylus (gadgets with digitizer handiest) to permit pen-only mode for drawing and finger gestures for moving the canvas around.

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*** Please attempt Clover Memo LITE (free) before shopping Clover Paint. Clover Memo LITE comes with a stripped-down brush and layer machine. Most of the essential capabilities otherwise live equal.

We additionally suggest an unfastened excellent morning/day/night customise the app on your preferred.


* Theoretically limitless quantity of layers (as tool reminiscence serves)
* Custom canvas size
*.PSD Import and Export
* Basic capabilities include developing, cloning, merging and deleting layers
* Advanced capabilities consists of Layer lock, Transparency (Alpha) lock and Clipping, besides with eleven Blend modes

* Custom form and texture with Perlin noise aid
* Number of Blend modes with primary parameters for Brush Size, Opacity and Flow
* Jitter impact creates scatter impact for brush strokes and colorings. Jitter supports Perlin’s noise and white noise settings.
* Blur and Smudge
* Tilt help (for Wacom® Cintiq® Hybrid Companion)
* Pressure, pace, and time effect. Devices with a non-digitized pen can simulate pen stress to some make bigger using pace or time impact.
And lots more…

* Free-hand selection (Lasso tool), Rectangular Marquee device, Quick selection (Wand tool)
* Add, subtract, replace decided on regions
* Cut/Copy selected area and paste into a new layer
* Mask guide

* Non-uniform and uniform transformation device with Skew and Perspective tool
* Precise circulate of transformation with numeric inputs

Boost productivity with Hotkeys and Shortcuts (we term it “Clovers”)
* Hotkeys may be assigned to touch gestures, hardware keys, and keyboards
* “Clovers” can be created for almost every tool and your preferred brushes everywhere on the display

What's new

2019/09/17 1.24.135
- Selection tool functions are enhanced
- Fixed a bug that the display coordinates may shift at startup
- 64bit supported
- And some bugs are fixed


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