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Here comes a new combating sport via FUN FUN GAMES. Fatal Fight is a simple addictive preventing game that continues you playing it! Do you like preventing video games and Beat them up (also called brawler) video games? Great! Fatal Fight has beautiful combating scenes with one of a kind martial arts. If you do not know what's a "beat 'em up": "Beat them up" (from time to time, additionally known as "brawlers") is a sort of motion recreation in which the participant character should combat a large variety of enemies in unarmed combat or with melee weapons. Beat them up games generally employ vigilante crime combating and revenge plots with the motion taking area on metropolis streets. The unique combating gameplay makes this game easy to study but tough to master.
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The square kingdom was shattered by tribal conflicts representing several martial arts schools. Hundreds of years ago, the leaders of the Bailian clan gave their lives to stop the bloodshed and bring peace to the kingdom, but now master of kung fu Kai.

Fatal Fight: Beat Them Up Apk

You can now download a Fatal Fight: Beat Them Up Apk to generate the use of all the characters you love and see the story from other sides. The story is about a girl named Princess Amber, who went to a college of fighters called the”World Martial Arts Championship.” The primary character is named the Redhead Princess Amber. The very first time we see her in a flashback of the woman who had been her little sister. We learn that she lost her attention while she had been running away from a fight. Following this trauma, she fights anyone who attempts to harm her family.

The story itself is comparable to this Killing Force. It starts with a fighting tournament with a lot of fighters that plan to reach the finals. The fighter is given a powerful sword. As soon as he realizes this, he transforms into a vampire and combines the championship. The Redhead Princess Amber then creates a team with three other fighters, and they start their journey to the finals.

The Fatal Fight: Beat Them Up Apk Comprises all the characters from the First series such as Will, Amber, Clayton, Sam, Deacon, Delilah, Yu, Ophelia, Maria, Jax, Tim, Manfred, Makin, Ace, the boss, Zen, the Shrewd Man, Kingpin, Godson, Royal Inviter, Zippo and the little Woman. You may also play against online players that live in the same world as you. There are four areas where you could engage in conflicts. Some areas have multiple characters, while some are created for the single characters only. The arenas have a”beginner’s guide” which can assist you with how to fight. Some combat stages have special powers or abilities for your character that you perform.

Who came down from the mountains after a long meditation, found his village destroyed by the Ninja of the Shadow Family, and his family and friends — killed. As the sole survivor of the White Lotus clan, Kai addressed the ancient gods and prayed for revenge.

Note: The advantage of deadly battles — defeat them in competitive action and fighting games, is that you have a straightforward and addictive game – click right or left. Players with a single 1:1 response combat system will feel instant feedback on every tap.

Fatal fights — fight them primarily designed for boys, but girls can also love this game, so you need to install, whether you are a boy or a girl. Our games are free to download and play, but some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. 12-year-old to play or download deadly battles — defeat them. Because the game is very addictive and contains bloody scenes.


Five original locations

Ten unique combat tricks

Fifty levels come with more!

Innovative game mechanics with 1:1 response

and thousands of enemies with various styles of kung fu.

What’s New:

  •  More challenging levels and gameplay
  •  Less advertising
  •  Correction of errors

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