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Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories - arcade racing for Android with a story thing in which the participant can participate in drag races. In the position of popular rapper Fetty Wap, the consumer will force the car on distinctive tracks in different modes. A fleet of vehicles is truly huge: a trip on automobiles BMW, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Ford, and so forth. All there are three dozen motors. Each car can be repainted in your liking and upgrade its capabilities in his garage.
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Android 4.0.3
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What a brother! Join Fetty Wap and his friends in the best racing game, which takes you addictive adventure, revenge, and glory.

We combine the charm of award-winning artist WAP, Monty, and the ref production team with the thrill of Nitro National Story Racing!

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Race, speed, and clash your way to victory with the soundtrack with a hit single Jugg (feature. Monty)” “Trap Luff,” “My way (function. Monti)” “booming” and “in case of the night (function. WAP Fetty)”

On the road all the time.

Choose from various easy-to-play game modes: Story Mode, Division, Street Race, Daily Race, Online Stairs, and Underground Race to win prizes, cash, and upgrades.

Earn real rewards signed by Fetty wap and Monty!

Every week, runners can compete in underground online tournaments for five days. The best players will be randomly selected. If you see a unique promo code popup on the screen, fill in your shipping information contact to receive your prize.

By earning special win points (VP) using the featured cars of the day, they get 50% extra VPs, and if they use the racing version, they can earn 20% extra VPs used to collect in-game rewards at the end of each week’s tournament.

Ride in my driveway, baby!

Protect your lawn and discover a series of mysterious accidents and deaths in the racing community. The game passes through 3 unique race environments and follows WAP safety through 5 story chapters; Monti and Justin played with characters in the dangerous world of illegal racing actors.

There are so many cars occupying the parking lot, ah!

We have a collection of more than 30 stunning cars from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Mazda, Nissan, SSC, and Volkswagen.

All the money fast, no money slow

Customize your trip with various colors, do your custom painting work and decorate your car with dozens of unique decals.

Visit Monty on the black market and upgrade your workshop (engine, turbo, gearbox, intake, body, wheels, nitro) with five levels upgrade kit.

I’m doing this for my team.

Players will also play with friends on a single tablet using local split-screen multiplayer mode or on Android TV.

Nitro Country Story supports all Android TV compatible drivers, and Google Play Games Service supports Google Play and Android TV.

You became a friend in a moment, baby.

It’s all about players and fans! Connect and enjoy Fetty wap: nns together:


If the game does not start, run slowly or crash, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our support system using either of the following two ways:

Technical requirements

1GHz dual-core CPU and 1GB memory

Mali 400, Adreno 220, Tegra 3 & Power Supply SGX543 Power Supply Equipment

New Features

Correction of errors


“apk” installs it on your device.

“Creative Movement. nns” folder “android/OBB” is copied to.

Get in the game.

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