Solar Walk 2 Apk : Planetarium and Spacecraft 3D Models Data For Android

Solar Walk 2 - Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration is a powerful encyclopedia of the Solar system. The app presents the 3D model of our Solar system for the detailed study of the universe, space, stars, planets, moons and any other celestial bodies in real time.
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23 August 2019
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Solar Walk 2 – Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration is a powerful encyclopedia of the Solar gadget. The app provides the three-D version of our Solar device for the special take a look at of the universe, space, stars, planets, moons and any other celestial bodies in actual time.

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With Solar Walk 2 you may observe celestial occasion calendar, learn about massive activities in the history of space exploration, study interesting astronomy facts, explore Solar system planets in real time, look at 3-D fashions of spacecraft, and even preserve song of them in real motion.

Explore space and Solar system planets in actual time with Solar Walk 2

A ought to-have for Solar device enthusiasts! An excellent instructional tool – planetarium three-D, the encyclopedia of the Solar machine containing the most superb astronomy activities for youngsters and adults!


Encyclopedia of the Solar machine three-D app – Main functions:


With Solar Walk 2 you may be capable of see enormously-elaborated 3D models of spacecraft, satellites and interplanetary stations in actual motion. With this encyclopedia of the Solar machine three-D, you will see wherein they started out, music the actual trajectory in their flight course, view actual pics made during the distance missions, read astronomy records. Explore space and examine extra about the exploration of our Solar device.


To explore space in info use the celestial event calendar that consists of numerous astronomy events (solar, lunar eclipse, the moon phases), and occasions related to space exploration (launching of satellites, and many others). Exploration of our Solar gadget model is simple with Solar Walk 2.


Planetarium three-D app provides widespread and certain information about Solar device planets and moons, satellites, dwarfs, asteroids and stars. Learn the inner structure of any celestial frame, the average distance from the sun, explore planets positions, mass, density, orbital velocity, go to the gallery of space photographs, discover thrilling astronomy statistics.


Solar device simulator. Navigation and journey throughout the Solar device are extraordinarily handy – you can have a look at Solar machine planets in actual time and 3-d fashions of spacecraft on the preferred perspective while visible effects and shadows upload to the sensation of the cosmic atmosphere. Explore the area and the most significant astronomy occasions with the 3D model of our Solar device Solar Walk 2!


Take a look at the Solar machine in real-time, or choose any date and time and notice what occurs. Explore planets in actual time or check the beyond with the time gadget and celestial event calendar from Solar Walk 2!


Encyclopedia of the Solar machine 3-d allows you to observe Solar machine three-D and discover planets from distinct angles, zoom any celestial frame in and out, experience beautiful photographs and visual consequences, the textures of the planets, the beauty and realness of the photographs. A brilliant device for exploration of our Solar machine.


Be aware of the brand new news from the sector of area and astronomy with Solar Walk 2. The app’s “What’s new” segment will let you know approximately the maximum exquisite celestial occasions in time. You won’t omit anything!

The app contains In-app purchases (Premium Access). Premium Access unlocks area missions, satellites, celestial activities, asteroids, dwarf planets and comets.

Solar Walk 2 is a terrific tool, planetarium 3D, Solar device encyclopedia perfect for human beings of every age who are inquisitive about the universe, exploration of our Solar device, spacecraft, celestial occasion calendar, astronomy activities, astronomy facts and space exploration.

Take a fascinating adventure through our Solar machine planets and observe superb 3D fashions of spacecraft with Solar Walk 2 – Spacecraft three-D & Space Exploration!


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