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App Backup Restore use accessibility services to improve auto uninstall feature in some devices.
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Restore Application Backup uses the accessibility service to improve the automatic uninstall of some devices.

The SMS Backup & Restore Pro Apk are now a must-have for every Android device owner. Although the feature was first released in Samsung’s products, it has since been moved to more powerful handsets like Samsung Galaxy SIII and LG Optimus G. Now, more than half of all Android users will have this fantastic application installed on their mobile phones. To use the SMS Backup & Restore Pro, there are just a few things you will need to do. The first thing you should do is install the application on your phone and scan through the full settings. This will allow you to see all the features available to you and make sure you can use them all.

The next step you should take is to connect your Android to your computer and download the SMS Backup & Restore Pro APK. You will need to click on the icon once the application is open and browse through all the available options. Then you will need to download the APK and install it on your Android. It is also possible that you will not need to download the application at all, but this is only for advanced users. If this is the case, you will need to download the app and install it manually.

Once you have installed the SMS Backup & Restore Pro Apk, you should connect your phone to your computer and open the web browser to access the settings. At this point, you will see the options you have available. You can also go through all the features by using the menu bar to expand the links on the screen and click on each one to view it.

Automatic backup, restore, transfer of your applications and personal data are free.

Recovery Backup App – Transfer is a simple apk wizard.

Restore Application Backup – Transfer data that can not back up or restore your application; this is an apk wizard that can only make backups of apk files.

Upload and download backup to Google Drive.

Never lose your data again!

App Backup Restore – Transfer apk files that can be made with rare backups and restore to save applications stored by your phone. The easiest to back up and restore various versions to avoid unnecessary updates. Backup and reset the security of personal data. Android devise.

★ Editors’ selection

First place in the “10 best Android backup applications… Backup Android and save your phone storage!” – Robot permissions

APK Wizard No.1 Simple Backup and Recovery in “10 Best Robots Backup APK Assistant” – Tom Guide

-On-premises backup and restore in the cloud

✓ apk backup and recovery

✓ Call log backup and recovery

Transfer and share in seconds

✓ APK Send and receive

✓ Call log send and receive


• Batch backup, restore, transfer, sharing

• Batch backup and restore to internal phone storage by default

• Batch backup and restore to SD or USB card

• Upload and download/from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

• The most accessible backup and recovery apks, personal data

• Automatic backup and sending files to third party platforms

• Extract and recover apk files

• Transfer and share backups

• Overwrite and downgrade application versions

• Automated application backup tool at any time

• Configure the list of automated backups to make automatic backups

• Transfer and share by setting up a private wireless network access point

• Wireless streaming and sharing dazzling speeds

• Automatic backup and update notifications

• Google Drive load/download notifications

• The most straightforward backup and restore system applications

• Scan apk files stored on your phone

• Scan for more protection

• Tap and hold the app to see details

• Manage applications through installation, archiving, and drives

apk helpers sort apps by name, date, size

• Displays the size, time, and version of the backup

• Screen used and the entire system and file storage

• Factory reset after phone recovery, Samsung, Micromax, etc. Support

• Support for all kinds of applications, including games, tools, social media, and more.


App Backup Restore − Transfer can not back up, restore, transfer data or application settings, only bulk backup and restore apk files to save phone storage.

Application Backup Restore — The transfer only retrieves files from previously backed up applications.

Application Backup Restore: The transfer does not automatically back up personal data, only applications.

Application Backup Recovery: Only an automatic backup can be made to RAM and SD card; automatic backup to the cloud can not be achieved.

Make a backup to the SD card or in the cloud before restoring the factory. Otherwise, all backups will be deleted due to system restrictions.

For Android 4.4 and above, Google reserves the right to write to the SD card. Now it is awarded only to Google and phone manufacturers.

Permissions requested:

Read Wireless/Bluetooth/GPS to allow streaming and sharing.

Requesting specific privacy permissions to enable virus scanning and Google Drive backup

What's new

- Fix Restore Crash Bug!!
- Fix Google Drive Sync Fail Bug!!


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